Report: Hank Baskett to Sign with Indianapolis Colts

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The Indianapolis Colts have just trimmed the ranks of the unemployed by one. We had a feeling the recession was on the verge of turning around!

Hank Baskett, the football player husband of Kendra Wilkinson, is en route to Indianapolis, Ind., where he is expected to sign with the NFL's Colts.

The Philadelphia Eagles cut the dad-to-be from its 53-man roster this week to make room for the more controversial and talented Michael Vick.

In the immediate aftermath of Hank getting cut from Philly, THG posited that the New York Giants would be a good fit, as they also need receivers.

We're glad Baskett managed to catch on with the Colts in any case.

The only problem? Hanks's favorite "receiver" and "tight end" will need to trade in this Eagles jersey for a blue and white Indianapolis model ...

Mr. Kendra Wilkinson

A word of advice to Hank Baskett, as he begins his career in Indy: Focus on football more than cheesy pics on Kendra's blog and maybe you won't get waived.

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the comment is the same as ubove, I never new there was a cut off number about commenting, on a news subject, or what ever from a tv person to a sports figure,


I would like to comment on the phrase ubout 72 year olds read the hollywood gossip, excuse me , but i never new there was a age limit on watching, the shows, or the news that makes headlines, I take that as a insult, meet me , and then you can judge me, and I think you would take that statementback. marlene


72 year olds read the Hollywood Gossip???


I hope I read this right, that Hank, was picked up by another team, Thank GOd, never met this man, but grew to adore him and kendra on ther show, If I am a good judge of people , then I would say, his parents did all the right thing of raising, a gentleman, and a all around good guy, and I am known for my likes and dislikes of people, I wish them nothing but good luck, and one day, might get to shake his hand in public, and kendra too, I am 72, and raised 7 kids and I felt so bad for him, yesterday, I almost cryed, you go, hank, like I tell my kids, the mountain is high, and dont quit climbing, It will be worth it when you reach the top,