Report: Angelina Jolie is "Petrified" of Megan Fox

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Megan Fox has shouted it for months: I am not Angelina Jolie!

That might be the case, but a new report that states the actresses are pitted against each other for the lead role in Barbarella, the remake of a 1968 film, won't do much to dispel the comparisons between these beauties.

"This will be the first time Ange and Megan have ever faced off for the same role," a source told MSN in Canada. "Ange is really feeling the pressure. Ange knows that to win roles she has to look youthful."

It probably doesn't help Jolie's focus that her private life in reportedly in shambles. A totally unreliable tabloids claims Brangelina has separated.

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Film Festival Fox

While fans can compare the sexy stars below, there's little doubt Fox is on a hot streak these days. She's starring in a much-publicized movie that opens on September 18 (Jennifer's Body) and she's hosting the 35th season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

No wonder an insider said that "Megan is stunning and fast becoming a huge star. Angelina is petrified."

Should she be? Who would you choose to rail between this pair of actresses?


my nine year old son has his first crush on megan fox.. and he doesn't have a clue who is angaline jolie.. for me, that says it all.. lady pack your bags and go home to your 6-8 kids!


Megan Fox is an actor? I thought her 5 lines in Transformers and Transformer 2 made her an extra. Get real, AJ has way more experience and isnt falling apart like Megan is. Megan is fake and horribly egotistical!


Angelina. No contest.


hmmmm megan fox and angelina jole r both babes, i wouldnt care which one gets the role as long as they get naaaaked :PPPPPP


Megan Fox can't act for crap though, And although sexy in a slutty raver next door kind of way is in no way as Strike me down sweet Jesus hot as Jolie.. no fkin way.


Angelina has the skin of a 20 year old? Angelina has definitely aged gracefully, no doubt about that, but she doesn't look anywhere near the age of 20. I love Angelina, that woman is hot beyond words, very intelligent, and her humanitarian work just makes her seem even more beautiful. However, she is a mom now and her golden years are over, she should just focus on motherhood and look at her career as something to spend her spare time on. Megan Fox is the new Jolie: she's scorching hot, has that bad-girl attitude all us guys drool over, and has made quite a few successful movies.


Beauty is just a part but when it comes to real talent Angelina has it all. She's beautiful she has always been and she can adapt to any roll. Megan is just another Lindsay Lohan or Mischa Barton. Talented, pretty and dumb. She should go back and work as a waitress or whatever it is she was doing. Besides it doesn't matter if Angelina slept with married man or used heroin. In hollywood who doesn't? But she's Angelina Jolie she can do anything she wants she will still look hot. Go Angelina!


The story is ridiculous.....


No surprise, Angie wins again! 57-42% in favor af an "older" Angie. I cant believe people actually take MF seriously as an actress or woman for that matter. Ya she's pretty, but so are many other actress's. Jolie isnt just pretty, she's stunning! Jolie is soo out of her league, she blows her away without even trying! Shouldn't even be a question. Just a chance for haters to trash on her, thats all. We AND they know the real deal.


Puhlease! Megan is a no-talent ditz who has no respect for the man who discovered her-Mr. Michael Bay! She is nowhere close to Jolie in beauty (bothy physically and internally), talent, or intelligence. If she wants respect in Hollywood, she needs to bide her time, shut her mouth, and pay her dues!

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