Protestor: Miley Cyrus is Going to Hell!

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The hate-filled crazies are back.

In July, at an Adam Lambert concert in San Jose, a group of protestors rallied outside and chanted about the singer's homosexuality. It was a pathetic display of close-minded bigotry.

Now, in the same city, the awful human beings have returned. This time, their target is Miley Cyrus.

Presumably because the singer wears revealing clothing, one man actually taunted a bevy of Miley's fans and screamed: Ask your parents where you're going when you die. Miley is going to Hell when she dies.

We wish we were kidding. See for yourself:

The Hollywood Gossip has made no secret of our disdain for Miley. She can be an incredibly self-centered, obnoxious individual.

But we don't wish any harm on the young celebrity. We certainly don't want her to rot in the fiery pits of Hell for all of eternity. That's just cruel.

As for the man above, however? We would pay to see him banished to a lifetime of watching Cyrus whine about her gigantic closet on an endless loop.

What do you think would be an apt punishment for this mean-spirited individual?


Miley is a good person these people should not be talking like this it is STUPID!!!! And Miley should have not done that!!!!!!


These People should not be talking like this and miley should not be acting like she is!!!!!


dramatic much?!?! jeez give her a break already!!!!!


i live in san jose.
i think it is horrible that there were people protesting for adam lambert.
i cannot believe that people are still so closed-minded.
it is ridiculous. he is an amazing person.
as for mileyy cyrus.
i do not really support her actions.
she is not even close to being mature.
if having boy toys every month
and dreassing like a prostitute
is mature then she is stupid.
but the protestors did go to far.


I think its sad that people(Christains) are out there saying this stuff about Miley. As a Christain I know one thing for sure, we dont judge, thats left to God. They had no right saying what they did. If you look around you, almost every girl wears the same clothes that she does. If they wanna pick on one girl because shes famous then they might as well target all the girls in the world.


ew who cares about miley she's such a slut


leave her alone
shes a teenage girl


You Jesus freaks should tell Jesus Christ to bend over, and shove every one of your God Damn bibles up his ass.


hey dumbass! since u like jesus so much why curse miley????? jesus teaches us to love not to hate! shame on u!


you can do a lot worse things than dress revealingly, be self-centered, take pictures of yourself, etc. those things are all choices you make yourself that really don't have any effect on other people at all. miley is a role model for younger kids but that doesn't mean she has to revolve her life around making sure she wears baggy clothes that show nothing off at all. any of you people who sit there saying miley is a slut and etc. should really realize that it's her life and it's not her fault it's all over websites for you to scrutinize and see. i wear revealing clothes, i have sex with my boyfriend. this doesn't make me a bad person and doesn't damn me to the pits of hell. i don't do things that matter to other people. i'm not judging and i don't think i'm more awesome then everyone else because i "never do anything wrong and i love god" because everyone does things wrong. everyone. even if you pretend you dont. sorry for writing a novel


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