Pink in Concert: Sexy or Scary?

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After a record-breaking run abroad, Pink has brought her "Funhouse" tour to the U.S. It's a show that's one part Britney Spears, one part Lady Gaga and one part uniquely Pink, blending passion, glitz, glamor, music and crazy stunts.

She's even playing hurt!

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

At Seattle’s Key Arena this week, Pink announced that she separated her shoulder, but was so excited about the performance she didn’t even consider canceling, telling the audience, “The louder you cheer the less pain I feel!”

Talk about a performer.

Despite wearing the same dress as Shakira Sunday at the MTV VMAs, Pink more than made up for it with this unusual, outlandish outfit. It's very ... Pink.

Hot or not? Vote below ...

Pink's outfit is looking ...


I like the body muscle for women


Okay that is scary as He-- what was she think. It's like her song they want me to be like Britney Spear , well they didn't day dress like her.


The question was: sexy or not. its the sexiest thing i've seen in a long time, couldn't contain myself when i saw this pic at work - finally i'm home and now i'm really going to enjoy it :)


All one night / one song wonders were known for cashing on own flesh and peeks to promote their non-existent music capability! There will be many who will argue that PINK is not one of the one song wonders, however it appears that she has joined the une nuit merveille!!! My apologies, I have respect for those who can keep their clothes on, play great music and sustain it over decades. Maybe I am a minority and an endangered species, but that's the way I am. Amen.


Foul! Not worthy enuff to be in the human gene pool!


it'a a boy!


Carmen, try posting a note when you're either A) not on drugs or B) can express yourself in English. It's a language. Look it up.


ah! I had forgotten some Pink and Shakira that very beautiful out on MTV awards but the difference is that Shakira wearing boots and Pink wearing heels but heels are definitely better, but that if Shakira was pretty good ...
Pink, are also involved, too, was very pretty and sexy when she was with that dress and when she sings 'sober' ... the best for me was Pink, Shakira, Megan Fox and Katy Perry.
Pink xD But mostly, I'm just her fan n º 1 and also is the truth ...! :)
i love u pink.!


Sorry I'm wrong in the video
'nobody knows' also goes Pink topless in a shower but already, many have been 2,3 or 4 times the truth can not but should also go nude or topless so this at PETA... pink is rock/pop the best!


First the comment of 'Jada' seemed very 'stupid' is not about offending or anything like that if not this putting that Pink is like the group of "Stupid Girls" and has nothing to do with it, second pink topless has gone two or three times what it seems that Pink's 'stupid girl'?
stupid girl means that cares only about his physical or plastic and is a care that carries shoes or how expensive is your bag ... and thus is not Pink it is easier, is not like DESCRIBES 'Jada' which is joining the group of 'Stupid Girl' PFF! OR IS NOT LIKE ME ...
They also say she wears the same dress that Shakira and that does not mean that is copied or "a case knew what was going to take, or was with her? that's illogical it was only a coincidence that carried the same dress .. and if .. I think it is sexy xD Pink ... PINK THE BEST OF ALL I LOVE YOU A LOT and I admire you! ...

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