Paris Jackson Gets Haircut, Security Collects DNA

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Paris Jackson got her first haircut in Las Vegas over the weekend, but the 11-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson didn't fully part ways with her locks.

According to the Daily Mail (UK) reports that after Paris Jackson's haircut, her security team gathered up every last hair and put it in a plastic bag.

The reason? To ensure that Paris' DNA will not be used for any paternity testing: "Can you imagine the value of Paris's hair? DNA, the truth, finally."

Lately, rumors about the biological father of Paris' brother Blanket (a.k.a. Prince Michael) have sprouted, one focusing a famous MJ pal: Macaulay Culkin.

Since 1990, the bond between the one-time child star and Jackson was tight, with Culkin even publicly defending him during his 2005 molestation trial.

Michael Jackson Kids on X Factor

Paris Jackson, pre-haircut, at Michael's July 7 memorial service.

Though Culkin denied the paternity claim, another friend and godfather to the Jackson kids, Mark Lester, went on Today to confirm that he donated sperm to Jackson in the 1990s, saying he's possibly the father of Paris Jackson.

He went so far as to bring his daughter Harriet on the show to show her similarities to Paris. In light of the rumors, however, Marlon Jackson spoke out, saying, "Those were Michael's kids - regardless of where they came from."

Alright then.

There's also Dr. Arnold Klein, who like Lester gave sperm to Jackson and was  friend of the singer. He says he's not opposed to a DNA test ... maybe, someday.

One thing's for sure - the Jackson family has certainly come together to help Michael's three children cope with the loss of the man they knew as their father.

Paris' coping strategy appears to be shopping, as she made her way through the Palms resort with her grandmother and guardian Katherine, toting bags.


What do these guys want back? Their sperms? Or did someone donate an 11 yr old kid to MJ?


Michael is those kids father. He was there from the time they were born until he passed away. He loved those kids, took care of those kids, and was there for those kids. That's a lot more that some fathers do. I'm glad he was able to be with them since they were born. He shared some incredible times with them that no one else could have. They met people that others just hear about. The kids knew the real Michael, not the public Michael. I can't imagine the pressure Michael had on his shoulders for so many years. No matter what he did, someone had something bad to say about it. I hope the kids will be able to escape being under a microscope in every thing they do. God bless Michael Jackson's family especially his children Prince, Paris and Blanket.


Dr. Klein claimed at LKL that he only donated sperm to sperm banks but never to Michael. And to that Mark Lester, it's pretty obvious that he only wants media attention by stating that he's Paris' father. How can he still call himself a friend to MJ? Shame on him! And why did he only came out and spoke after MJ's death? That gutless dumbass. He should know that people aren't dumb enough not to know what he's totally up to. People should learn how to leave these kids alone and just give shits to their own lives. Haven't they eaten so much fame and money after making lots of shits and lies to these kids' father? Kudos to you Pat Stark and jackienz. ^^


Let them alone. They have and will go through enough. I am glad to see the children enjoying life.


sei que não vão me intender mais eu não consigo entende como tem pessoas estupidas ignorante que não sabe respeita os sentimentos das pessoas e principalmente da familia que esta sofrendo muito mais, só to puta da vida com a irmã dele que assim que ele morreu correu na casa dele ve se tinha dineiro, poca vergonha mesmo!!
afff este é o mundo em que eu vim mesmo!!!
Que Deus o tenha no céu ao lado dele!


Gente eu não agredito que esta história a inda não terminou!!
Sinto muita falta do Mike inda bem que ele não era Brasileiro inda bem!!
Brsil Love Mike


They should have just had her hair cut @ her home.....Im pretty sure they are use to people coming to them


Jackie, his kids are white. She has a gold color because she lives in SOCAL. As far as the Jacksons raising white kids...MJ/JANET/Jermain all dyed their skin to look white. Makes sense he would want white kids.


These people are not very smart. To do DNA testing from hair, the follicle or root must be attached. Cut hair will not yield enought DNA to test.


I don't care if Mark Lester is the sperm donor, these children are MJ no matter WHAT!! As far as I'm cocern if MJ wanted Mark to have anything to do with his children he would have had it in his WILL.. I hope Paris never see Mark again, after him going as far as dragging her daddy through the mud, this was something MJ did with Mark thinking he could trust him.. As for the look alike of his daughter, PLEASE his daughter is as white as a ghost, Paris has a beautiful gold colour. Mark is just out to promote his daughter and is hope that doors will open for her if people were to believe Paris was her sister.. THIS IS JUST THEIR WAY OF CASHING IN ON THE JACKSONS, LIKE THEY HAVE DONE FOR YEARS,,

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