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Having a speech with children and education as the subject is just fine by me.... however, this should never be given in the schools. Children are in school for the sole purpose of learning their studies - not politics. I feel that any speech given by a either our President or party leader should be given WHEN and WHERE parents of these youth are present. The parents of each child should have the right to either subject their children to this or not. As for my home... I am my boys' parent - not President Obama (thank God!). It is MY job to teach them what is truth and what is right - -
So, Mr. Obama... STAY AWAY from my boys!!

Give your speech during Prime Time, when parents and their children can tune in should they choose to.
We deserve the choice!


What's the big deal. Many of America's teachers and school administrators are the dumbest and most narrow-minded control freaks on the planet. They feel the need to control others like addicts need drugs, and aggressively defend their own personal little kingdoms. They push their own personal, political, and religious agendas onto the kids all the time, but woe to anyone else who offers ideas or suggestions. HYPOCRITES.

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