New Moon Set Pics: Taylor Lautner Shirtless! Robsten in Bed!

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Sit back and get comfortable, Twilight Saga fans: we've got a treat for you!

The Los Angeles Times has published a series of New Moon set pictures, courtesy of photographer David Strick. Each image is sexier than the one before, led by a shirtless Taylor Lautner and a shot of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart... in bed!

With less than two months to go until the movie opens, there's no better way to get excited for the Twilight sequel than to ogle the stars involved in it. First up, topless Taylor...

Topless Taylor

Meanwhile, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has asked fans to leave Pattinson and Stewart alone and simply appreciate their on-screen chemistry as a couple.

We'll be happy to. Let's start with this alluring image of the pair in bed, as Edward leans over a sleeping Bella...

Wait, there's more! Slow your heart rate down a bit and follow this article's jump. We've posted a slew of New Moon set shots, all featuring this tro of actors, below.

Down Time
Totally Shirtless
Hot Close Up
Set Shot
Tattooed and Cute
Getting Made Up
Stew on Set
Stewart Smiling
Directing Robsten

All photos are courtesy of David Strick; while all hotness is courtesy of New Moon, which opens on November 20!


i like these pics, but i really dislike the ones of taylor, i really dislike HIM!! YUCK, i think YUCK! :)


All I have to say is good job I think they have been working very hard so if they say something bad about them cut them some slack Taylor Lautner even said that filming New Moon is alot more complicated then Twilight was so if you don't beleive that they have been working their butt's off then don't believe me go ask them for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wth? the second one is just weird!


Nice pics.


good one rialto......... .......but seriously, these guys n gals work very hard....and have done an amazing, fabulous, mind-blowing, fantastic, marvelous, and a ROCKING performance!!!! and thank u David Strick....for all the images!! in real life....
GO TEAM TAYLOR!!!!!!!! in the book.....


It should be renamed "Old, Tired Moon". Seems like the publicity machine is working overtime on this one.

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