New Moon Posters: The Next Chapter Begins

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Are you ready for the next chapter to begin, Twilight Saga fans?

Earlier today, Summit Entertainment released the latest trio of New Moon posters, each featuring the tagline: The Next Chapter Begins.

While not as hot as the series of New Moon set photos leaked online earlier this month, the promo pics below feature all the key players in the upcoming movie.

There's Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella and Edward, respectively; Taylor Lautner leading the Wolfpack as Jacob; and a red-eyed Dakota Fanning standing in front of the Volturi. Click on each for a larger version...

Which new poster is your favorite?

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Yay!!!! I am so excited, I cannot wait to watch it. My girlfriends and I are going for drinks and watching this movie. Were all 24 years old, but totally obsessed with the books!! I honestly read them before the Robert Pattinson craziness (I swear=) but who can resist the hotness that is Robert Pattinson?!?!? Alex Meraz is pretty hot as well =]


Eww, no, look at how hairy his arms are. xDD LOOK. Omg. xD


rober pattinson the hotest guy on earth

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Red-Haired Hunk Robert Pattinson wasn't a household name... until he starred in Twilight. Now, the British actor is well on his way to the A-list.... More »
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