New Moon Pics: Edward, Bella and Rosalie

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Note to those living under a rock for the past six months: New Moon hits theaters on November 20.

Said Kristen Stewart recently about the Twilight sequel:


“There’s a bit more action in this movie. The werewolves are introduced, and you have the character of Jacob [Taylor Lautner]. The way it all pans out, it’s quite tragic, really.”

It's also quite beautiful, of course, because Stewart and Robert Pattinson are involved. Here's a romantic look at the pair in character:

We've also uncovered a new image of Nikki Reed from New Moon. Follow this article's jump to check her out in the role of Rosalie Hale.

Nikki Reed and company will own the box office on November 20 and immediately beyond.


adored and adorable.....its


nikki reed is beautiful..... just because she doesn't look the way duh book says who does anyway i think she was a very good choice. they do not always follow what the book says. ive loved nikki reed since 2003 and she stared in and ex- produced thirteen. she has had a hard life dont be being mean to her she is actually a very cool person she is so nice and sweet. she actually cares about her fans.................kristen is scared of her fans i love her 2. nikki and kristen are best-friends...............


yes yes,,, i agree with the comment above^^^^^^^^


screw u all
nikki and kristen are both beautiful
robert is also hot


Seriously, Nikki is a quite good actress and kinda beautiful, but let's be realistic; she is NOT Kristen.Kristen is the perfect Bella, she is perfect for Edward and he is the perfect guy for her.
Just as Kristen is the perfect one for Robert!!!
Love them both!!!


who are you to judge who is 'pretty' and 'not pretty' sorry for all you immature people but not everybody can be a vanessa hudgens or the other blonde 1 (ashley i think) yes she is a pretty person and she is a decent actress, wow give it a brake


i think she looks fine


Nikki Reed's step mom is Hardwicke the director supposedly and she was in Hardwicke's movie Thirteen. In my opinion, Robert was a great choice and did a lot to bring the character of Edward to life and not in each of our minds. We all had our version of him and getting a guy who was young looking, handsome, scary, sexy, vulnerable and unusual looking was hard. Taylor Lautner was great as Jacob (taller would have been nice) Nikki is "not the most beautiful creature in the world" like the books says about Rosalie and Kristen is so repulsive in her behavior, cursing and comments off screen that I can not like her as Bella. She is not right for the role either and has gone out of her way to make sure she says "I'm am SO not Bella" regularly. Strange girl.


beautifull pics love twilight


nikki reed just isnt pretty...she looks like a tranny in this picture...she looks better with brown hair...not blonde...but she is different looking, maybe thats what they were going for...shouldve gotten someone preetier tho

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