Miley Cyrus Takes It From Behind

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We were happy to hear that Miley Cyrus took the stripper pole out of her new concert tour. That thing was really inappripriate for a 16-year old.

But did she really have to replace it with a fake doggy style dance move?!?

We're not making this up. We wish we were. Fast forward to the 1:45 mark in the video below; watch Miley; and a fellow dancer and wonder what the heck they were thinking when this was choreographed...

In a recent interview, Cyrus said she wants people to respect her privacy.

If that's the case, why is she showing the world how she and Liam Hemsworth behave behind closed doors?!?


That was barely anything. I think you all just want a reason to talk crap. And, why are you concerned w/Miley's 16-year-old life? Shouldn't you have something more important to bitch about? Jealousy. All of you. If you weren't, you wouldn't even give a crap what Miley did.


I think Miley has a great future and a great voice. I really didn't like her in the beginning, but she seems very grown up for her age. It seems to me she is trying to outlive her true age and be a Britney or Madonna slutty type now----but that's too bad, she is only 15 and needs to stop trying to show her body off and act like a little tramp in the making! My thoughts? Slut? NO. Headed that way? YEP!


Wow, meme. Never heard that one before. FYI, Miley is an attention whore, she's on first name basis with the paps and calls them herself. 2, she is a slut. Anyone remember those lovely photos? 3. She is a hypocrite. And let's not even go on to how awful she is at acting and singing. The end. PS: Disney does not equal talent.




You haters are jealous
Miley is hot


One of the more difficult things about touring is the fact that the stage dimensions in each venue are never ad idem with one another. Thus, in L.A. we may be faced with a 16m runway which is 2.2m wide and in Syracuse that might, for reasons having to do with the dimensions of the building at the venue, have to be sized to 18m by, say, 2.0 or even 1.8m. The fact that Miley occasionally misses a dance move is not based - as you suggest here - on her desire to take one up the dirt chute in front of a crowd of pimply faced gorgons who have paid far too much to see her, but rather on the necessity of attempting to maintain the dance number through multifarious geometrical formulations which are difficult to remember when we are playing ever little weasel hole in America. Come often. Bring money.


I like miley. i think shes just liveing her dream which is great, but i do think that was not appropriate. ok, so if she want 2 do that danceing at home or with her friends well that fine because that not in the public eye, but at a concert which will have kids her age but ALSO young fans. She wasnt setting a good example. and you would of thorght SOMEONE creating the concert would know that was a BAD MOVE! haha, sometime you think they are asking for this.


Miley's doggy style looks like she has to go the bathroom. If she wants respect and privacy-SLUT Miley should act like it!




the ones that say Miley is beautiful and like her, need to stop commenting on so-called "haters". We don't call you names!! You like her for whatever reason and we DON'T for whatever reason-SO WHAT!! Let people voice their OWN opinions!


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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