Miley Cyrus Takes It From Behind

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We were happy to hear that Miley Cyrus took the stripper pole out of her new concert tour. That thing was really inappripriate for a 16-year old.

But did she really have to replace it with a fake doggy style dance move?!?

We're not making this up. We wish we were. Fast forward to the 1:45 mark in the video below; watch Miley; and a fellow dancer and wonder what the heck they were thinking when this was choreographed...

In a recent interview, Cyrus said she wants people to respect her privacy.

If that's the case, why is she showing the world how she and Liam Hemsworth behave behind closed doors?!?

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That wasn't even pole dancing get a life.


Her live singing makes my ears bleed, and what's with the weird dance?


miley will get over this


I think the guy was just being an ars hole. It doznt look like he was ment to do that.


jealous.? of what.?
her ugly face and cheesy dance moves.
whore of the year, way to go miley.
im sure all the little girls at that concert are proud.
along with their parents; and miley's.
teen star washout, for sure.
good job, miley.


silly little girl...


This was not blown out of proportion.....MILEY is blown out of proportion!


this is wrong of her but come on shes 16 almost 17 wat do u expect gee ppl like u havent done sumn like dis wen u wer her age so shut up all u haters r jst jealous that shes pretty and famous nd ur UGLY and smell like butt so shut up u tubby losers!!!


I think Miley is much more better than most teenagers nowdays. Most of us never go out or party, but in the end, people are suprised to find out that you are pregnant. Miley you were great, your party in the USA video was great, you totally rock the stage. Have fun Miley, coz you are still young and I know that you are more matured than most teenagers. You are my role Model. GOD bless miley cyrus and her family.