Miley Cyrus is a Creepy, Twittering Twit

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It doesn't get any more pathetic than Miley Cyrus.

It's been well-documented how the singer relies on Twitter to garner attention and sympathy from her fans. She posts the most self-centered, pointless messages of any celebrity on the network.

But Miley has now taken it to a new level. Earlier this week, she Tweeted:

I wish just once I could look out into the crowd and he would be sitting in the front row singing along. I miss you.

Then, six minutes later, she wrote: Regarding my last tweet. Yes it was about a boy. The one who never lets me down. The one who always makes me smile. My Pappy.

Here's a crazy idea, Miles: if you miss your father, PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL HIM!!! Why resort to some mysterious, creepy Twitter message for the world to see... only to then clarify it minutes later?

Actually, scratch that. We all know the answer.

Miley and Creepy Dad

It's understandable why fans would be confused when Miley Cyrus references a boy. She toys with so many, it's easy to lose track.

Miley and father Billy Ray have a well-known, inappropriate relationship. This is a man who has no problem with his 16-year old daughter strutting around the stage like a stripper. Hey, as long as it makes the family money, right?

** Update: Astute readers have written in and said Cyrus refers to her late grandfather as "Pappy." We still hate her, and we still can't fathom why she posted such a mysterious initial message on Twitter, but we apologize for the misunderstanding.

To watch a clip of Cyrus singing "Party in the USA" while trying not to pole dance, follow this article's jump.


i thought it meeant, her grandpa, that why she wrote, i wish just once I could look out into the crowd and he would be sitting in the front row singing along. I miss you. that why she wrote, I Miss Youu!!!!! Duh-Duh!!


now i have heared enough she is 16yrs old and is making more money than her whloe family and i think u all should just gie her a break just coz she is famous does`nt mean she does`nt have any fellings!!!.


Her pappy is her grandpa who died a few years ago!!! please get your facts right before you post any of Mileys 'news'! And why do you people hate her? Shes just a teenager!


Pappy is her grandpa.
as everyone said :P
and the pole dancing isn't really pole dance
but the fact that she can't pick ONE GUY
is really annoying why would u kiss liam g.. at the airport..
and nick j is officialy single
srsly miley ..


She is just using the pole.Not pole dancing .
She's just holding it .She didn't even put her legs on the pole.
Get it straight .!!


Wow that song is amazing yo...i just love it=) i can't wait to see her a couple of weeks in L.A


I realize that you might have misunderstood I also understand that you hate Miley and take every chance you get to make mean posts about her, but seriously, check your facts before you 'report' stupid gossip. Because honestly, no one cares how much you hate her. I mean she's out there living her dream and you're sitting behind a computer typing up stupid stories, that half of the time aren't even true. I hate to tell you, but that makes her the better person. Get the fuck over it. If she's such an 'attention-whore' here's a thought, STOP GIVING HER ATTENTION. Also people commenting on this saying the tweet was about anyone other than her grandfather. Get a life. Loosing a grandparent is hard. And if you knew as much about Miles as you think you do, you'd know her grandfather meant a lot to her.


Get a clue: Pappy means her GRANDPA....NOT her DAD!


that "pappy" tweet was about her grandfather who passed away. BUT she just added that to throw people off - that tweet was for Liam. she just loves playing with the fans heads & even the news. girl is in need of some real strong parental guidance, which she won't get from her parents - that is why she is such a wild one - she is beyond boy crazy - it is more like she is a dog in heat!



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