Miley Cyrus Channels Michael Jackson, Doesn't Suck

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We already know that Miley Cyrus can make like a stripper.

Turns out, the singer can do a decent job making like Michael Jackson, as well.

At a concert in Portland last night, Cyrus performed to her hit single "Fly on the Wall." Around the four-minute mark of the video below, she pays homage to the late MJ with a "Thriller" routine. It's not half bad...

It's worth watching the whole video, as the on-stage set is quite elaborate. Miley even flies around at one point.

Say what you want about Cyrus as a self-centered, spoiled brat of a human being - and we often do, trust us - but there's little doubt she can entertain.

Like Britney Spears before her, Miley may be an egotistical mess to deal with at home, but she puts on an impressive show when the lights go on.

Hopefully, along similar lines, she puts a condom on her lover when the lights go down, lest she truly end up like Britney.

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MILEY doesnt suck you do....


how does that make michael jackson suck??????? all they say is that she made a performance tribute to him and her dancing isnt that bad


it says she channels him and her preformance doesnt suck duhhh! how is that disrespectful


The article, if READ instead of judged by its title, says that Miley's tribute to MJ was fairly good. By all standards it was a crap shoot as to whether she would do well with the Thriller music & choreography. It is a very hard dance to emulate especially because it was originally done by MJ. I watched the clip and it was fairly good. Much better than I expected. Way to go Miley. As for the rants posted above, perhaps you should take the time to read and be educated rather than judge before you experience. Perhaps then more people would be tolerant of all the opinions posted.


Hahahaha! They're saying Miley doesn't suck! Jeez think about it before you go on on a big offensive rant! Her routine was quite good but she kinda sucks live.


Miley has become so popular, in fact the 16 year old will be the youngest artist performing for VH1 Divas tonight at 9pm. I can't wait to see what she will bring to the table with Adele, Jordin Sparks, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson.


Um wow, you guys are morons. This doesn't say that Michael sucks. It says that MILEY doesn't suck in her mini-tribute. People need to learn to READ.


Haha guys, they're saying that Miley doesn't suck. How is that offensive to anyone, let alone Michael Jackson?


ok,rude article,
leave the guy alone.


What the fuck is with the title??? listen bitches if you have nothing good to write ...THEN DONT! Michael Jackson does not suck...have respect for the dead fact the only think that sucks around here...which you have that apparently your lives. But hey ..if bashing people is your pathethic excuse for a livlihood...then by all means be the pricks that you are.