Megan Fox: Proud of "Powerful, Confident Vagina"

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We apologize ahead of time for the following post, ladies. You may wanna go stare at Zac Efron calendar photos for a bit, as Megan Fox is at it again.

The actress covers the latest issue of Rolling Stone, inside which she rambles on - again! - about the power of the vagina.

Esquire Spread

“Men are scared of vaginas,” she said, telling the magazine that a woman is most powerful when she's “completely in charge of her sexuality."

As for her own musty dugout? Fox says she possesses a "powerful, confident vagina.” We can think of approximately 17 million men that would like to find out first hand if that's true.

Regarding the girl-on-girl make-out session with Amanda Seyfried in Fox's new movie, Jennifer's Body, the actress is honest about its intentions.

“Clearly I can’t argue that it’s not gratuitous, because it is."

The same pretty much goes for the following Megan Fox photos from Rolling Stone. Click on each to enlarge:


ya fuck them i meen holy shit look at you you are an amazing actress and smoking hot and a great actress you shoudent care about what other people say about you just what you say about youre self is what matters and did i mintien that you are smoking hot i meen holy shit hot lol but really think about my adfice and email me if it helps


I'll admit I don't like it when a vagina is cocky. But this isn't fair, I know women are scared of uncircumcised penises.


Fuck all them damn crittics...thay juss wish thay had a body like ur's...ur a fucken 4 real....smoken up the good work....halla..


Pfft. Horrible RStone photographs. Not one of them shows imagination, most are soooo ordinary. Cover shot is salvageable "nice." Must have been a budget shoot, in a hurry. She deserved better than 35mm approach...limbs are foreshortened, out of proportion body parts, dime store flash, so-so/been there-done that/blah poses, zero-conceptualization. Stone eats crow on this shoot! This isn't even decent reportage. What does it say about her? This is a cover story!? Duh?! One would swear photographer went out of the way to make her look average Hollywood good looker/valley girl. I don't even care to know who did the photography let alone see the issue on a newsstand.


She looks like a porn star!


Clearly, any person who has to talk this much about her female power, her distaste for many men, MUST have issues. Usually people do that when they are trying to compensate for something. If she was so secure in her sexuality and being a woman then why the need to constantly remind us about it. Plus, who is she anyway? Isn't she only like 21 years old? My God, she hardly began to experience life yet.But we're supposed to think she knows it all. Let's check back with her in 20 years and see how she's doing. She seems pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside.


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