Megan Fox: Don't Take Me Seriously!

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Megan Fox has made a number of controversial statements over the last few weeks. But the gorgeous actress has a message for the public: I'm almost always kidding!

"Ninety-eight percent of the things that come out of my mouth are intended to be harmless or even charming," she told People. "They're not ever intended to be offensive or controversial."

Really? So Michael Bay may not actually be like Hitler? And a vagina might not be the most powerful weapon on the planet?

Controversial Actress

When asked by the magazine why she says such crazy things, Fox gave a rambling response:

"You want to be available to your fans, but you also don't want to give too much of yourself away, because people take advantage of that. It's learning the balance between giving the information that needs to be given, but then also protecting your privacy and your personal life, the things that you hold dear."

A simple "no comment" might suffice sometimes in that case, Megan.

Meanwhile, Fox has been accused by former co-workers of being an awful human being. Amanda Seyfried, her co-star in Jennifer's Body, has no idea why.

"People will be surprised to know and it will be proven very shortly when people see this movie that she's a really talented actress," she said.

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At her age she is not experienced enough to know it all, so anyone that listens and heeds her "advise" is silly. If 98% of the time her words are meant to be charming or harmless, then what she's saying is that only 2% of her words are the truth/intelligence. I agree, better to not say anything than say something stupid.