Mackenzie Phillips Hopes She's Helped People

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The Mackenzie Phillips story won't go away.

The former childhood star - who admitted to the world last week she carried on a long-term, sexual relationship with her father - appeared for the second time on Oprah last Friday and said she hopes she's setting a good example.

"I understand this is a difficult thing for my family," the recovering drug addict told Winfrey via satellite, "but nobody's talking about this, and if I've started a national dialogue, then I'm forever grateful."

Phillips has certainly started a dialogue, that's for sure.

Very Troubled

Half-sister Chynna Phillips is already on record, defending her sibling.

Now, Jessica Woods, the daughter of former Mamas & Papas band member Denny Doherty, has also taken her friend's side. She wrote in to Oprah and said her dad knew about the affair.

"I just watched your show," Woods wrote, "and everything she said is true. My dad told me the awful truth, and he was horrified at what John had done."


I have watched her interviews, including William Shatner's Raw Nerve and find her manner very detached and emotionless. Hard to take someone seriously when they talk like they are reading a "heart wretching" story off a teleprompter. Something not quite right about this latest story, and even the story about her beating drug addiction. "I had ten beautiful years of sobriety" What is wrong with this woman? Does nothing affect her emotionally? I simply can't trust someone whose face and voice display no emotion. Have to feel sorry for her family, especially her child who now has to live with these "true confessions". Poor timing.


this women needs help


how could she help people with her insanity


My thing is , why is she coming back out with sonmething that she already said. Get help and deal with it. I was abuse and you don't see me on tv and talk so every 10 year talking about it....
He is dead get over it he can't hurt you anymore


Are you kidding me? Great timing a washed up drug addict is using this time to come out with this information when her book drops. Come on. We would have read the book if she would have kept her stupid mouth shut. She is going to come out with this stupid story how many years later? Way to go Makenzie. Good example for everyone who has actually dealt with something like this. You should be ashamed of yourself. Go to therapy or rehab and deal with your demons there like the rest of us. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!


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