L.J. Smith Loves The Vampire Diaries

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Based on its impressive ratings to so far, millions of people around the country love The CW's Vampire Diaries.

But there's one important individual that is especially pleased with the series: L.J. Smith, the author that penned the novels on which this small screen version is based.

"I think they have done an incredible job of interpreting it, especially presenting it for a teen audience," she told MTV. "I love the music. I love the cinematography, I think the cast is fabulous. I especially like Damon. Ian Somerhalder does very well. But I really, really like the Elena that they picked, Nina Dobrev... she's a great actress. And I love the Stefan that they've picked."

We love them all, too, but we're especially taken with Somerhalder.

Facing inevitable comparisons to Robert Pattinson and the Twilight Saga, Somerhalder has created a unique character, one that can go from sweet to savage in seconds. These screen shots are a great example:

Ian as Damon
Fangs Bared

You really don't wanna make Damon Salvatore angry; or hungry, for that matter.

Have you been watching Vampire Diaries? Are you happy with it?


everyone is jumping on to the whole vampire thingy now


he kinda of looks a little scary in his transformation


Love, love ,love this show.....


I ♥ the show, Stefan is cute, but Damon is so damn sexy!!!




I loooooooooooooove the show..The cast is amazing!!!!!!!!!


Damon is hot in the books, but even hotter on screen. He totally sells the show as the delectable bad-boy vampire. Who wouldn't want a taste of his fangs?


Love the show, love the actors. At times the filming is a little to dark and I would like to see them not just hear their voices. Great show!!

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