Lindsay Lohan Voicemails Hacked, Kind of Sad

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Lindsay Lohan is either a buffoon or on drugs. Possibly both.

Two pieces of advice to all the anorexic coke heads out there:

  1. Don't put your cellphone number online
  2. If you do, don't make the password 1234

This may seem like common sense, but we are talking about Lindsay Lohan. This is a girl who posts nonsensical, strung-out rants at her lesbian lover on Twitter.

This is also a girl who gets robbed routinely. Her alarm system code is probably 1234 too, or it's written down on post-its all over the house so she won't forget.

She'll never be accused of being smart.

In any case, her voicemails were obtained, then posted online. Most are from drunk morons squandering the prank call opportunity of a lifetime, or people trying to get Samantha Ronson to DJ (really) or just have coffee with Linds.

But the most desperate comes from her father Michael Lohan, who cries about how he wants to see LiLo's sis Ali Lohan, but she doesn't want him to.

In a second message, Michael tells Lindsay that he bought her CD at 7-11 and thinks it's "so beautiful." It's hard to say if he's more sleazy or pathetic.

Listen to the compilation of Lindsay Lohan voicemail below:

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I won't listen to her messages and think anyone who does is really creepy. It is not her fault that someone hacked her private messages. It is a terrible violation of her privacy. I hope they get prosecuted. Shame on all of you listening. Let her alone. I'm not sure why people love to hammer her down but I don't see that she has ever done anything as low.


joem: Ahhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaaaa!


I feel bad for her, all the name calling the girl obvi is going through some life stuff and has been. She needs to figure it out without being put in the press and knocked down all the time, this is what we did to britney and look how that turned out. People need to be alittle more compashionate this could be you, your friend, your sister, ect.


Inferior people will always hate the Lohans.
The fame and fortune and success of the Lohan family
seems to bring out the jealousy and anger in insecure people.