Lil Mama Sorry For Jay-Z Performance Crashing

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The post-VMA apology tour continues, headlined by Kanye West (who even the U.S. President thinks is a jackass) and featuring Lil Mama on the undercard.

Lil Mama, whoever that is, issued a statement to explain why she ran on stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance to close out Sunday night's show.

Beyonce and Jay

“I did not mean any disrespect towards Jay-Z or Alicia Keys,” the rapper and judge on America’s Best Dance Crew says. “I admire them and look up to them as role models. ‘Empire State of Mind’ just had my emotions running high."

"In that moment I came up on stage to celebrate two icons singing about NY.”

AMERICA'S BEST STAGE-CRASHER: Lil Mama was just giving props, yo!

So in conclusion, Lil Mama ran on stage for two reasons:

  1. “Empire State of Mind” is a cool song (no argument here).
  2. It made her want to give props to her two favorite stars.

Lil Mama may want to consider that "celebrating icons" by randomly popping up next to them in the middle of a live television performance is what most law enforcement officials consider stalking and can result in a restraining order.


hi my name is thomas john and l want to say to you l lake you such much


well that was the most dumbest thing to do,and why would you do that?? and to go up there looking like a lil monkey!!!LOL


Dajoura, shut the f&ck up you cum dumpster. She's a fool, you're a fool for giving her props.


Dont let all of that nonsense fool you, Lil Mama is a slick little b*tch, she has a single coming out this week and she did it for the publicity, but I bet her contract wont be renewed on Abdc!


If u act look like a thug, talk like a thug, act like a thug, you're a f'ng thug. You obviously have no education. You should be embarrased of yourself. What an IDIOT! Lil Mama = Uneducated, idiotic thug. Scum of this world.


okayy so you hot about the artists and you hot about ny so u feel the passion and run up on stage....uuum no because that would mean the rest of the stadium should have run up there too. Pay respect from your seat....(Alicia Keys)be part of the croud performers like dope crowds not people on dope that run on stage....


She is a complete and total fool for that, and pretty much deserves whatever embarrasment comes from this.


In the words of Alicia Keys, she should of been excited from her seat!!! She just told a contestant that she should act like a lady and then Lil Mama acts like a Lil Bird. I think Jay Z had something called a black album. Well Lil Bird(MAMA)is about to be BLACK LISTED.


Wow Lil Moma you did it, you were out of pocket for real. How dare you do something like that. You have a really good reason for liking them, but the way you went about it was wrong. Girl you were tripping.


Little Mama is a dirty bird one hit wonder she might be on unemploment after this

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