Liam Hemsworth: Officially Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend, Source Confirms

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We have little doubt she'll deny it in a Tweet later today, but Miley Cyrus went public with Liam Hemsworth this week.

The Australian actor - who co-stars with Miley in The Last Song and who was spotted making out with her away from the set a couple weeks ago - was in the audience for the singer's concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

At one point, prior to performing a single from the movie, Miley gushed about how life truly can imitate art - as a kissing montage between her and Hemsworth played behind her!

The Last Song Set Shot

Will Miley Cyrus finally admit she and Liam Hemsworth are an item? Expect a self-serving Tweet on the topic at any moment. [Photo:]

A source has confirmed to E! News that Hemsworth is officially Cyrus' boyfriend. This insider said the couple has been dating for more than three months.

Following the concert on Tuesday, Miley and Liam stopped by Hollywood hot spot Katsuya and were all "lovey-dovey," a witness said.

Sounds like Cyrus hasn't simply stolen another girl's man; she has no intention on giving him back!


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