Liam Hemsworth: Officially Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend, Source Confirms

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We have little doubt she'll deny it in a Tweet later today, but Miley Cyrus went public with Liam Hemsworth this week.

The Australian actor - who co-stars with Miley in The Last Song and who was spotted making out with her away from the set a couple weeks ago - was in the audience for the singer's concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

At one point, prior to performing a single from the movie, Miley gushed about how life truly can imitate art - as a kissing montage between her and Hemsworth played behind her!

The Last Song Set Shot

Will Miley Cyrus finally admit she and Liam Hemsworth are an item? Expect a self-serving Tweet on the topic at any moment. [Photo:]

A source has confirmed to E! News that Hemsworth is officially Cyrus' boyfriend. This insider said the couple has been dating for more than three months.

Following the concert on Tuesday, Miley and Liam stopped by Hollywood hot spot Katsuya and were all "lovey-dovey," a witness said.

Sounds like Cyrus hasn't simply stolen another girl's man; she has no intention on giving him back!

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miley your boyfriend is hemsworth i don't want him anymore and i do
like you your have to get ride of him we will talk about this where getting to through this i love you your my sister trust your heart
do it for me


I think that Liam is so ugly!! I love Miley! and she deserves better than this idiot! Nick and Miley rules!! I support Niley!
PS: stop callin Miley a slut cz whoeva does dat... he/she is 1!! U guys don't even know her so stop judgin her!!! She's nice and living her normal teenager... It's like u're perfect and don't make mistakes.... !!


But at the same time it is her own life and we really shouldnt be up all in it. Shes trying to find herself and who she feel will be compatible with when shes older. Shes a talented, beautiful girl. Jesus always told us not to judge and to treat others the way we want to be treated. So we should just leave the girl alone. We only know what we read in magazines we dont know her real life.


I just think that she doesnt really have parents who can direct her in the right direction. I mean what does it show to her fans to be making out with this 20 yr old or have a tattoo and nose peircing.
I mean I get shes older and wanting to get rid of the Hannah Montana but she will always be an idol to kids. I think her parents need to be parents and stop working on her career and focus on their daughter who should be taught whats appropriate and not appropriate.


stop calling miley a slut....
just because she is a celebrity and we
can see the boyfriends she has does not
mean she is a sult...look at your selves and stop judging
a person that you haven`t met...


AB EK AUR GALI DE KE DEKH TE LOG KA KYA HAAL KARTA HU.............didnt undrstand den go sit wid a hindi dictionary modr fukrs(only d ppl against miley)


whoeva hu thinks shez a slut ............can go hide der faces nd die in d darkest corner of d earth .....................ja ma ko chod aur phir seetee baja ke bol "O BHAIYA ALL IZ WELL"


It is sick calling her a slut.Its her privet life is she wanted every one to know she would say.She should be able to date who every she wants and should be able to date them without being called a slut!!!Love u Miley


4 me,,, they're not suitable together.... Liam is too ugly,,, idiot!!! i don't like miley with him!!!! why did miley break up with nick???? i really love if miley with nick together!!!!! niley!!!! i want u back!!!!


Well,she has her purity ring.-.-
Know wats called a magazine u lifeless assholes?
Read it u noobs.How do u know she uses them anyways?
u ppl some stalker or something.Well if u got proof shes using them.then tell me.i would be glad to apoligise.If u dun,then shut ur crappish mouth and tell it to some1 who cares.