Lady Gaga VMA Performance Offends Former Teachers, Pretty Much Everyone

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Sometimes, you simulate your bloody death at the end of your performance at the MTV Music Video Awards. These things happen when you're Lady Gaga.

As if her ridiculous outfits didn't generate enough publicity, the superstar singer is receiving feedback from her live version of "Paparazzi" on Sunday night.

A lot of the reactions aren't good, either.

Fans were a little freaked out by the rumored hermaphrodite simulating her murder at the hands of the paparazzi on stage. So were her former teachers.

Nuns apparently aren't a fan of this ...

Faculty members of the Convent of the Sacred Heart girls school in New York, where a little Italian girl named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta matriculated for several years, are mortified, according to the New York Post.

Heck, even average viewers might have thrown up at the sight of it.

The paper reports that "When someone showed the nuns a video of her bloody performance at the VMA Awards, the good sisters were not amused."

Not entirely shocking, as it was pretty over the top, even for a young woman who walks around in no pants like it's her job. Which it kind of is!

Check out a video of Lady Gaga's gruesome MTV VMA performance ...


that was the best peformance i ever saw in my life it was amazing i mean to think of great things like this. she's different and so what she a-mazing and i love her noone is like her and that's what makes her so unique!!!
xoxo love you gaga


It's called trying too hard.


wow that actually was awesome ppl need 2 get lives


my opinion: lady gaga's performance was awesome. i absolutely loved it. who cares if nuns dont like it i mean c'mon seriously?? why is everyone putting people down its so annoying when people talk shit. lmao im getting all mad typing this haha. i


Another interesting factor here, is the insanity of the Paparazzi and how they go after super stars with ZERO respect for their right to live and have personal space without leeches coming at them. Nuns hating a rock performance - what a surpirse!!


I think that she did an amazing job! She is her own person and honestly pink was flying around like a circus act...They both did a great job..I was entertained....


That was pretty gruesome and bizarre. I found the crippled scene to be offensive and would imagine it would be to anyone who is physically and/or mentally handicapped as well. I guess the only one who was able to outdo her in controversy was the racist idiot Kanye West.


Incredible! Absolutely the best performance I have seen in as long as I can remember. It is now a week later and I have watched this video several times a day ever since, and I still find stuff I didn't see before. Absolutely beautiful voice. And the message was so perfect for the evening. How come no one thinks that the black man with the surgeon's face mask doesn't look like Dr. Conrad Murry. His role, movement and actions in this video totally would be like the 'doctor' who was at Michael Jackson's death bed!! I loved this - the studio executives that approved this performance deserve cudos for allowing Lady Gaga to perform. I love the imagery and the execution (literally) was phenominal. Like Lady Gaga says, "We (the Haus) do these things not because we want to be 'over the top/edgy,' but because they looks so cool and to see if we can pull the effects off as we imagined it." Go Lady Gaga - there's no stopping you!! We love you!!!!


i like her...shes really confident.shes pretty but she dresses like this.i like her confidence...


Sorry, but you're not getting anyone to climb on your "she's-over-the-top" wagon. You don't have to see her perform very long to realize she's got talent and has obviously paid her dues learning how to flaunt her chops. All you've done is watched her videos and probably think she's just another lip-syncer. Go see her live.


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