Lady Gaga VMA Performance Offends Former Teachers, Pretty Much Everyone

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Sometimes, you simulate your bloody death at the end of your performance at the MTV Music Video Awards. These things happen when you're Lady Gaga.

As if her ridiculous outfits didn't generate enough publicity, the superstar singer is receiving feedback from her live version of "Paparazzi" on Sunday night.

A lot of the reactions aren't good, either.

Fans were a little freaked out by the rumored hermaphrodite simulating her murder at the hands of the paparazzi on stage. So were her former teachers.

Nuns apparently aren't a fan of this ...

Faculty members of the Convent of the Sacred Heart girls school in New York, where a little Italian girl named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta matriculated for several years, are mortified, according to the New York Post.

Heck, even average viewers might have thrown up at the sight of it.

The paper reports that "When someone showed the nuns a video of her bloody performance at the VMA Awards, the good sisters were not amused."

Not entirely shocking, as it was pretty over the top, even for a young woman who walks around in no pants like it's her job. Which it kind of is!

Check out a video of Lady Gaga's gruesome MTV VMA performance ...


Her music sucks and she is completely nuts and kind of a filthy whore.


By the way, I think it's very egotistical for the author of this article to say that she offended "Pretty Much Everyone". Who did she offend? Who cares about a couple of nuns, seriously? Just because they were her "former" teachers doesn't give them a any say on her life. Or her performances.


She is amazing. This was, by far, the best performance of the VMAs. Her talents are suited for Broadway, for Pop culture cannot understand one as unique and creative as she. Her talents are being wasted and it sickens me when talent is interpreted as "Weird" or "stupid". The general population involves millions and millions of morons stimulated by pretty colors and some flashing lights/skin exposure. You try tell a story through song, and everyone freaks out and looks at you weird. Pfft.


lady gaga is amazing!!!! shes unquie and crazy, not like other performers who are all the same, self centerd and snudy.... lady gaga is truley an icon.


she is a dude but i'd still lick her out/suck her off. W00t!!!


Her performance at the VMAs was awesome. The only reason I even watched the VMAs was to see Lady Gaga perform because I knew that her performance was going to be amazing. I like the fact the she wears "outrageous" costumes. She deffinatly stands out in a crowd and that is a good thing. Lady Gaga is marvelous.


lady gaga is tha ISH! n thats cuz ima rapper and that performance was one of the best ive seen this decade.. real talk


I'm praying for lady Gaga.
God bless her heart,and if it's true that she exploded on stage
that means she's no longer in pain and she's in heaven.
I saw what happenend with my own eyes and I freaked out and it made me feel really nervous.
My heart went out for her and I bet she is still alive.
-from Katie


I honestly loved this performance. [:
no one's ever done anything like it so i give her kudos for being different. but it was for sure very very weird. haha.


I love her music,but her videos not. Ihave a 9 year old who love lady gaga daughter saw her video , and was sick.We all say let the stars live there life,but kids and Audlts learn from what they see.lady gaga videos have to much sex going on. Most of all her fans are young people. I dont care if she likes women and men.


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