Lady Gaga VMA Performance Offends Former Teachers, Pretty Much Everyone

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Sometimes, you simulate your bloody death at the end of your performance at the MTV Music Video Awards. These things happen when you're Lady Gaga.

As if her ridiculous outfits didn't generate enough publicity, the superstar singer is receiving feedback from her live version of "Paparazzi" on Sunday night.

A lot of the reactions aren't good, either.

Fans were a little freaked out by the rumored hermaphrodite simulating her murder at the hands of the paparazzi on stage. So were her former teachers.

Nuns apparently aren't a fan of this ...

Faculty members of the Convent of the Sacred Heart girls school in New York, where a little Italian girl named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta matriculated for several years, are mortified, according to the New York Post.

Heck, even average viewers might have thrown up at the sight of it.

The paper reports that "When someone showed the nuns a video of her bloody performance at the VMA Awards, the good sisters were not amused."

Not entirely shocking, as it was pretty over the top, even for a young woman who walks around in no pants like it's her job. Which it kind of is!

Check out a video of Lady Gaga's gruesome MTV VMA performance ...


Interesting.. is there blood in her eye? that's gotta sting.


Lady GaGa its awsome and freak,i dont understand that some persons feel ofendid.- they are very BORING!


Okayy first of all who ever is offened by Lady GaGa is just RETARDED!!!! I dont understand how you could be offened by's a FREAKIN song and she was just acting out the song...she was just simply saying how the paparazzie stalks and makes life heck for celebs. I think people who make stupid websites like this is just bored and needs to get a life ans stop hating...Lady GaGa did an OUTSTANDING job!!!!!


oh, i think it was a great performance. very shocking and artsy, great PR.


lady gaga scares me!! AHHH


Lady GG is Brilliant!


Please, she tries to hard. Her voice is good, but she is not original because she REALLY copies a LOT from all her predecessors (At least in her videos...and "theme") in a not very subtle way. She just seems to add a lot of things at make a mess and to call attention. There is no beauty at her acting, I mean, ok..its modern art...but modern art is rarely nice to the eyes nowdays. When I think "pop and dancing", I dont really wanna see those kind of stuff. She is not a entertainer, she should be in an Conceptual Hard to Appreciate Art Exhbition.


The performance was brilliant. Over-sensitive nuns.


Damn she's ugly.


That Was one of her best performances.Its Like you Cant do anything on tv without it being offending.. C'mon People what were you expecting from GaGa? a normal performance? I Love You GaGa


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