Lady Gaga Stuck in a Sticky Legal Situation

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Lady Gaga finds herself in all sorts of sticky situations.

But the million-dollar lawsuit she's currently stuck in the middle of may be even more odd and stoke more flames than her blood-soaked VMA performance.

Lady Gaga O-Face

Here are the essential details of Gaga's legal drama ...

  • An Irish entertainment company called "Grooveyard" claims they were looking to book talent for a couple of October concerts in Belfast and Dublin.
  • Naturally, they struck a deal with a New York City-based company claiming to rep Lady Gaga, paying $320,000 to book the possible hermaphrodite.
  • Naturally, the dude who cashed check may not even rep Gaga. Grooveyard claims after they began promoting Lady Gaga, AEG Live hit them with a cease and desist letter, stating that AEG alone has authority to book Gaga.

Lady Gaga is so hot these days, people will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who just claim they represent her and don't actually deliver the Gaga.

The company is therefore rather upset, confused, and demanding their money back in a million-dollar lawsuit filed in New York State yesterday afternoon.

The moral of the story?

Don't shell out $320,000 to someone claiming to rep a star.

Unless you know for a fact that such an enormous sum of money is going to result in Lady Gaga nude or darn close to it on stage, just sit tight a little longer.

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It was an Irish entertainment company you idiot! Don't think that every frivolous lawsuit is American. This guy was a fool for paying that much for Gaga in the 1st place.


So some moron paid 320 grand to an individual who said he could deliver Gaga to perform at his function - without checking up on it, asking for proof, a meeting with the artist or representatives from her management? Just took this person on his word and got screwed? Allright... But how is that Lady Gaga's problem? She didnt screw him over, nor did anyone affiliated with her... Why's he suing HER, when he should be suing the asshole who ripped him off??? I seriously dont understand Americans sometimes.