Lady Gaga: Not a Fan of Pants

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Lady Gaga seems to really hate pants. Or at least have no use for those pesky things. It's a bold position we certainly can appreciate, and commend.

She takes it to a new level, though.

It's one thing for our interns to write celebrity gossip news in their underwear, quite another for an international pop icon to parade around like this:

Lady Gaga: No Pants Picture

Toting a beautiful bouquet, and sans pants, Lady Gaga leaves a Paris hotel.

Could this be her way of proving to the world that she is not a hermaphrodite? If so, it appears effective. Nope, doesn't look like any penis up in there.

Her vagina, which was apparently offended by the rumor, has decided to strike back by making sure it is on display, or darn close, at every opportunity.

The star's next stop is N.Y. City, where she'll perform on the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday. Hopefully that results in a watershed fashion moment.

Or at least Lady Gaga naked on stage.

For now, click to enlarge pictures of the pantsless Gaga tossing a bouquet of flowers to her adoring fans as she leaves hotel La Tremoille in Paris ...

Paris Hearts Gaga
LG Pic
A Shower of Flowers
No Pants Gaga
Throwing Flowers
Pantsless Lady Gaga

[Photos: Fame Pictures]


I'm so glad she is doing this, if it is in fact showing people her obviously massive dick.
Idiots world-wide are accusing her of something that no one really gives a shit about. There are hermaphrodites all around the world. Who cares that one got famous?
As there is no evidence of a penis, there isn't one. End of story.
This is just like Miley Cyrus doing her dance on the Teen Choice awards to piss people off by acting like a slut.
Not because she is one, but honestly, find a 16 year old girl who doesn't act like that. She's pulling your chain, just like Gaga is dangling her invisible cock in your stupid faces. Put a fucking smile on.

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