Lady Gaga Addresses Hermaphrodite Rumors, Says Vagina is "Very Offended"

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It's a rumor that has taken the Internets by storm ever since she was seen at a concert in the UK sporting what appeared to be a penis under her dress:

Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite.

While she has been getting naked for numerous magazines we've never heard of and teaming up on some new songs with Michael Bolton (yes, really), the star has yet to address the accusations that she has both male and female genitalia.

Until now. And her vagina is far from pleased.

About the hermaphrodite rumors, Lady Gaga told Australian radio station: "My beautiful vagina is very offended. I'm not offended; my vagina is offended."

Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite Picture

A screen-capture from the concert that sparked the hermaphrodite rumor.

"I'm not embarrassed. I sold four million records in six months; I'm not embarrassed about anything. I think this is society's reaction to a strong woman."

"The idea that we equate strength with men and a penis is a symbol of male strength, you know, it is what it is. But like I said," the dance-pop diva reiterated, "I am not offended at all, but my vagina might be a little bit upset."

Well, that settles that ... or does it? Is this just a cryptic non-denial denial here? Could Lady G's vagina be offended by the presence of ... you know?

Is Lady Gaga really a hermaphrodite?


I think its societies reaction to the following points i) She dresses like transvestite i.e. a mans perception of what women should dress like
ii) there is a clear bulge in her pants
iii) she looks like a dude There are plenty of strong women out there in this world and I mean plenty.... unfortunately Lady Gaga you are neither strong, nor a woman


maybe if she put some fucking close on no one would make up fucking rumors about her...maybe she should keep her legs closed for once!


SHE IS WEARING REFLECTIVE MATERIAL. OF COURSE, THE LIGHT IS GOING TO HIT IT AWKWARDLY. The press needs to stop trying to get more recognition for a lucky shot that "appears" incriminating. I'm a journalist myself, and anyone with a decent conscience would know this is not good reporting. You're all fucking retarded if you can't accept that pictures thse days get photoshopped and altered all the time. And this picture is blurry. Go do something with your lives instead of worrying about whether or not Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. You'll never meet her so stop talking shit. Thanks! (:


you only resopond to the things that are true!


I think she just has a fat pu*sy!
More cushion for the pushin'! :D


She has a huge clit!!!!


Did you People know that 1 out of every 100 people born are a hermaphrodite so there are a lot of hermaphrodite's out there and it takes all kinds to make the world go around So if she is or is not that's her bizz and as I understand it, a hermaphrodite has the right to chose weather they want to live as a man or woman most live as the gender that they most resemble and the way I see it she looks like a woman to me and I really do not believe that she is a hermaphrodite ?
But like they say What it is is what it is, she deserves to be rich and have all she has or she would not have it. Maybe it all a stunt so she can pose for playboy in the future and shut everybody up. LOL. All I can say is more power to her no matter what she is. It takes all kinds. Later All.


she has a fat vagina. that's it


The question is, even if she was a hermaprhodite would you still do it? My response would be HELL YEAH!!!!not that i'm saying i'm gay or anything,but i'll set up a little hidden camera,do the hell out of her/him and then make millions selling the tape online.


i wanna pictures


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