Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Very Much Together, Scaring Twilight Saga Studio

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are NOT engaged. Ignore any celebrity gossip stories to the contrary.

However, the Twilight Saga co-stars are "very much together," insiders told E! News, a reliable outlet for information.

"Everyone who wasn't directly involved in the whole situation obviously speculated about what was going on between them, but lately it's become clear to anyone who works with them: Rob and Kristen are very much together," sources on set told the entertainment network.

Spoiler alert: Bella and Edward get married in the Twilight Saga. Will reality imitate art between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

As for rumors that Pattinson was dating Nikki Reed, the same insider said that actress "is out of the picture [and] has been for a long time."

Reports that Taylor Lautner has created tension between Robert and Kristen also appear to have been premature.

Indeed, the couple is together and happy - but this frightens the Eclipse cast, studio and crew members. What if the relationship sours? How will the affect filming and marketing for the franchise?

Even the most fairy tale-like romances come to an end. Just look at Jennifer and Brad; Jessica and Nick; Levi and Bristol.

Stay strong, Robsten. We're all rooting for you!

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love u rob pls go in philippines


I so love them as couple they will be the new Brad and Angelina couple of our,or there generation! They need to stick together no matter what anyone says. < I < U KN0W !!!!! >


they would be adorable together!!!!!!!


hi i m roxana i love twilight (new moon).love you guys :*:*:*:X:)


Rob is totally HOT and if i was kristen there would be no way i would let him slip away. E-mail me rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, everyone needs to get used to the fact that they are not together. I know that irks many people, but let's face one, least of all two kids, could keep up this "no PDA" facade as long as they have if they are "so passionately in love". At this point, I think it's the studio promoting they are a couple to keep major interest up for the franchise...get with it people, Hollywood is even more fantasy than Disney! LOL!


i think robert and kristen are such a cute couple. email me robstin


i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they arent dating and its just rumors. i dont like rob and shes too pretty for him. i totally love taylor though!!
woooh! go taylor!!! =D


we don't have business over their personal lives. if they happen to end up being together, what is that to us? what only matter is people are happy with whom they are with. Just like you are happy being someone you want to be with.let's just wait and see. anyway, it's their lives not ours.we'll be happy when they are happy.


i think theyre a perfect couple,,,, they are ugly most of the time and they smoke see a perfect couple:]