Kim Kardashian Brags About Bikini Body, Sends Bad Message to Girls Everywhere

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Kim Kardashian has a message for girls across the country:

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    u may have a nice body but there is no need 2 brag,and really she is just gonna try 2 lose more weight cuz she wont b happy with the results she has already reached,and b4 we know it she will b in the hospital cuz she is to thin(anorexic)


    I think this country can waste time on better see better trash on COPS or similar shows...


    to kgray, yes I believe that being young and rich will get you some celebrity nowadays!! The funny thing is, and I am not a feminist, but for years women have put down men saying they want to be independent, equal, etc. And so many girls use the old method woman have used for centuries, they lower themselves to this level to attract men. Woman/girl power and all of that b.s. yet they still use their sexuality to lure the men. It will never change.


    Just like heidi Montag, Kim lives in this fantasy world where it seems the most important thing in life is not how you live it and how you treat others, etc. but it's how good you look in a bikini. If I am wrong, then she really has me fooled. It's really sad because there is soooo much more to life than looking hot. All these girls who are so concerned with their phyiscal beauty, and not working on improving what's inside, will most likely be sad and alone in 20+ years when their good looks are long gone.


    Who in the hell are these Kardashians and why is this site obsessed with them? As far as I can tell they're fat rich girls from hollywood. Is that all it takes to be famous anymore?




    I actually think she is not sending a bad message. She is still curvy just more toned. She could probably fill out the same clothes from last year just as nicely. She is still thick

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