Kelly Clarkson Lays the Written Smackdown on Kanye West

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As if we couldn't love Kelly Clarkson any more...

The original American Idol woke up this morning and responded to Kanye West's outrageous behavior at last night's MTV Video Music Awards by taking to her official blog.

Kelly summed up our thoughts on the assholic Kanye perfectly, so we'll just let her take it from here...

“Dear Kanye, What happened to you as a child?? Did you not get hugged enough?? I think we’re all just curious as to what would make a grown man go on national television and make a talented artist, let alone teenager, feel like s—. I mean, I’ve seen you do some pretty s—ty things, but you just keep amazing me with your tactless, asshole ways.

Kanye the Ass

"It’s absolutely fascinating how much I don’t like you. I like everyone. I even like my asshole ex that cheated on me over you... which is pretty odd since I don’t even personally know you.

The best part of this evening is that you weren’t even up for THIS award and yet you still have a problem with the outcome. Is winning a moon man that much of a life goal?? You can have mine if it will shut you up. Is it that important, really??

“I was actually nominated in the same category that Taylor won and I was excited for her... so why can’t you be?? I’m not even mad at you for being an asshole... I just pity you because you’re a sad human being."

Amen, sister! Pink was less wordy, but equally vicious toward West. She Tweeted: Kanye west is the biggest piece of s*** on earth. Quote me.

As for Taylor Swift? The 19-year old cutie took the proverbial high road, simply saying: "I don't want to start anything because I had a great night tonight."

We'll start it for you, T-Swizzle. Choose a side in this feud, readers. Whose team are you on?


i say neither we felted sorry about taylor swift and far as kelly go girl


Bla!! Bla!!!BLa!! Bla!! Oh bla! GO KELLY!!!


kelly clarkson said it all!!! WOO HOO!!! GO TAYLOR!!!!


Nice to see MJ the deejay ask Taylor if she thought this 'thing' was scripted. Fair question. Where were security when this self-indulgent, self-promoting twit was gatecrashing the stage? Doesn't the whole thing reek of 'publicity stunt'? While I'd expect no better of West, I'd hate to think Swift was directly involved. Based on comments, my impression is, she was not. Sure hope I'm right. Food for thought: Taylor was up for "Best Female Video". Where are the directors in all this? You know... the people who actually make the videos! "Best Female Video"? What the hell is that? Doesn't the whole thing reek of 'publicity stunt'? Let's start thinking a little critically and start giving credit where it's actually due. Best wishes everyone,


It's over chill out people and for Kelly and pink need to shut up!!!!!
Need peace in this world


I agree with what Kelly said, and especially what Pink said! Taylor, Pink & Kelly, three smart ladies!


Yo everybody needs to CALM DOWN... what Kanye did was ridiculously offensive and immature but "an awful human being"?!? A "talentless bumb"?? Are you kidding me?? NO. HITLER was an awful human being. HUSSEIN was an awful human being. SEX TRAFFICKERS are awful human beings... Kanye West is just one of MANY celebrities with big ego's, immature behavior, and (probably) a drinking problem... and of course he's talented... he's won 10+ Grammy's, sells 600,000+ records every time he comes out, and has produced number one hits for himself and many other artists... I have no problem defending Taylor Swift and her right to her own "awards moment" (although I think her music is cliche and quite boring), but the fact all you people are saying he is an "awful human being" like he KILLED someone or something is just ridiculously and frankly immature in your own right...


Who the f*** are teh 5% on Team Kanye?!


Wow, where to begin!!! I left a blog on RollingStone and it was removed! Apparently people don't want to remember all the miserable highlights (certain presidents hating black people, all the publicized self pity, his overwhealming God complex...etc!!!) of this piece of shit excuse of a human being! Talk about a disgrace to the entertainment industry and America! I have my opinions, I have my morals and I believe everyone deserves respect! This guys moral compass is so fucked up he is going to wind up alone in this world! His limited fanbase will surely fade, then he will. Taylor's class and talent is beyond any scope Kanye could even pray for! Karma.


Had friends on crew of the VMA's, he was definitely drunk. This isn't the first time he's been a jerk at the VMA's. He was banned a few years ago. And I guess they gave him another chance, stupid on MTV's part. A leopard can't change his spots. Well, he was thrown out last night after that fiasco. One friend on crew was right there when Tay came of stage, and she was crying hysterically, who wouldn't! What I can't believe is the vote on this site that 4% of those who voted are on Team Kanye. They are stupid as he is. Go Taylor! You're a class act!

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