Katie Price Stoops to New Low (Really)

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Even after living the party girl life in Ibiza, badmouthing her ex like it's her job and then engaging in "constant banging" with classless cage fighter Alex Reid, Katie Price is still surprised, for reasons unknown, that everyone is on Team Peter.

Peter being her estranged ex Peter Andre, who for his part has been laying low with their kids and pledging to remain celibate until a divorce is final.

Katie Price, Huge Boobs

We'd put Team Peter membership around 99.9 percent.

So, what’s an attention-crazed lady to do to win back both press and the admiration of people who were once her fans? Revealing she’d suffered a miscarriage? No, she tried that and that didn’t work. Think bigger.

Claiming she was raped when she was younger, and that Pete knew about it? Mmm, that didn't work either, after he denied knowledge. So, now what?

Katie Price revealed more about the alleged rapist, saying her aggressor is a celebrity to ramp up the  headlines (and likely fees) just that lil' bit more.

How low is too low for Katie Price? We haven't found out yet.

She said: "A famous celebrity raped me and Peter knows who. It was years ago before I was with Pete. My friends and family knew about it at the time."

Why didn't the model known as Jordan report the rape to police? "Next question. I don't want to go down that road. I don't want to talk about it again."

Well, unless she's getting paid to, of course.

Now, we're not so cynical that we're going to come right out and say we think she’s lying, but ... okay, we totally are. Way to make light of and demean women who are actually the victims of sexual violence, Katie. Class move.

If you want to tell all and no one cares, you should probably ask yourself why no one cares. Could be because you are cavorting around with a guy who started in a rape fantasy movie, and alleging you were raped an hour later.


Hello Katie ! Here is a spiritual message to you, Im sending to different places accros to make sure you get it ! Please you are being set a trap, Im not here trying to say that you couldnt see whats coming but this has to be with spiritual powers, somebody has set you a trap with darkpowers, you are about to loose all your belongings, your wealth, your children, your sanity, your looks and eventually your life. This is a time for you to differentiate what you really want from life, and have you already got what you need ? I think you should withdraw from publicity and reevaluate your "friends" most especially your dietitian and whoever is your confidant. Better just rely on your mother's advice even if it sounded like opposite what you want to hear !!!!!!!!!! Its your call take it or leave it !


to be honst... i dont see why anybody should be so interested in this divorce, because seriously almost every marriage has its end these days... they're just as pathetic as eachother, and katie/jordan isnt making her public image any better, its so obvious shes making up all these stories for people to gain sympathy for her, and to be honst, i dont know why people fall for it. they both wind me up, i feel so sorry for her kids!


Can't stand the whiney plastic thing. She has helped sexualise a whole generation of little girls. Anyone who is on her side is on the side of paedos.


I must admit its all abit much with this rape claim thing


Kate Price stated that she found serial kllers such as Fred West fascinating,now she is crying rape!How can any one believe anything that she says.


katie your write all people do is bitch about you and it aint fare you have 3 gawjaz kids an a amazing life, but u can tell u love wat u do an how hard it all it so well done an good luck huni
love ya xxx kelly xxx


...brags about bonking a porn star who's speciality is rape videos...and then cries rape...
Brilliant lesson for the aspirations of today's kids...not to mention her own...


i think katie price is a liar shes always getting her baps out and peter says he doesnt know anything about the alledged rape i think she just trying 2 gain some of her supporters bk i 4 one wish she would think of her kids its all about publicity wae her


shes a slapper, no ifs,no buts thats just what she is and always will be.


I think its very upsetting people are goin to slag her no matter what she does and the same with pete I think they made a great couple and was well suited its a shame it had to end


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