Katie Price Meets Alex Reid's Parents; Peter Andre Ready to Start Dating

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Meeting the in-laws. It's a moment we all dread.

Even Katie Price, who was reportedly on her best behavior (?) at the home of her new cage fighter boyfriend Alex Reid’s parents the other night.

She ate take out, watched Danyl Johnson on The X Factor and astonished everyone by drinking tea. Jordan even had an excuse to booze it up - it was Alex’s sister Lauren’s 40th birthday party - but stuck with the non-alcoholic beverage.

Katie must really like the guy!

Her BFF Zakiya Berrabah, who was also at the party in Aldershot, said Jordan "went down a storm" (whatever that means) with the family of Alex Reid.

Berrabah added: “The whole family loves Katie. She does not drink, only when she goes out which is not as often as people think.” Sure thing, Zakiya.

Jordan, 31, and Alex Reid, 34, later crashed out in his bedroom, which is decked out with model Viking warriors. Sounds like a great date.

Sloppy Katie Price

Katie Price apparently behaved herself. There's a first time for everything.

Meanwhile, her estranged ex, Peter Andre - who was enraged by Jordan's relationship with Reid - specifically his role in a violent, aggressive sex scene in a movie - believes he's ready to start the process of dating again.

He vowed he wouldn't have sex until their divorce was finalized, but he has decided to relax that self-imposed ban and start looking for a girlfriend.

He said: "Since my split from Kate, I took a vow of celibacy, which I am still sticking to. But I might be ready to start dating again. Ideally, I would like to be divorced before I meet someone special. But if it happens, it happens."

"I have come a long way in the last few weeks and my head is in a better place. You can still be celibate and date, you know," mused Peter Andre.

Peter's raising three children, Harvey, 7, Junior, four, and Princess Tiaamii, 2, and has also decided to start clearing her possessions out of his home.


bless pete!


well i fink ur all rong katies moveing on with her life wat do poeple want to see her mooping round no! she has a life and shes living it. pete finished with her.
so good 4 u kate coz i would do anything to have a life like you!
good luck with everything.
kelly xxx


Uz lot tht r slaggin her off r obviously jealous, it's quite sad. She myt b losin her looks n 2 old 2 b doin wot she duz now bt she's made a hell of alot of money 4 bein n utter slag as u put it init? U shud try it sum tym dumbass.... only i think u wudnt get very far! She has evrythn we can only dream of so y dnt u keep ur shitty retarded opinions 2 urself just because ur life is obviously so shit u av 2 hate on others 2 make urself feel betta. Grow up n get a F***** life!


no she isnt she is probly one of the best girls on earth. your just jelouse that you cant have all this done to you.


Go for it Peter, I'm sure you will find someone to abort all thoughts of the 'slag' from your mind


Omg'.....Will someone tell her that is Jordan/Katie Price, yhat she is a 'Has Been' she has passed her sell by date many moons ago. No matter how much plastic she tries to improve herself with..it no longer works. She looks like an old dog.........such a slag. Does she really think she looks good? Can someone please tell her she is a total and utter 'Slag'. We know it, the press know it too. Therefore, why don't she go drown herself in her pitiful sorrows.


why does katie need to be such a hartless cow and a media attension seeker am bord of her stupid ways and feel sorry for peter

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