Kate Gosselin: Aspiring Annoying Talk Show Host

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Kate Gosselin, who shot to fame as the mother of eight children and the grating wife of Jon Gosselin on Jon & Kate Plus 8, is mulling her next career move.

And that just might be a talk show.

"I've been given the gift of gab, so why not use it?" Gosselin, 34, told an audience at the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte, where she was on Friday.

It's true, she does have a gift of being opinionated, abrasive and confrontational. Kate seemed to fit in on The View, even if she was slammed by Whoopi.

She might want to go back to the new hair, though. Why she opted to return to the reverse-mullet / dead opossum weave so soon is a mystery to us.

In addition to answering these critical questions about her new professional plans, Kate Gosselin told the North Carolina crowd of about 700 that:

  • Other than reviewing episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 before they air, she rarely watches any television, and prefers reading to her children.
  • The family's house may be neat as a pin, but her private space is a different matter. "My bedroom and my closet ... it's a dumping ground."
  • She's thinking about writing a book about the drama in her life. Nothing like lamenting and trying to cash in on celebrity gossip attention.
  • In response to a woman identifying with her after a recent breakup, Gosselin answered: "I don't think you want to talk to me about that."

At least she got that one right. Fortunately for Kate, there were no comments from the audience about Stephanie Santoro or Hailey Glassman.


She is so annoying!!!! Stop being a fame hore and get a real job just like the rest of the mothers in the world! You chose to have all those kids so the rest of the worls shouldnt have to set and watch you be annoying by yelling and screaming you dont want to be dirty and nothing is perfect for and and money is everyting! aka people are dying and your bitching your food has been touched by someones hand....so sad sorry kate you are one of the kucky ones that get to eat today!


Oh, god here we go. I will not be watching


Q & A about Kate? B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Kate is absolutely delusional if she thinks she will have a draw as an actress....seriously she acts now on the show and is horrible! Not a fan of Kate so, I will no longer watch. She was a cruel, bossy, nag of a wife to Jon. The show's succes was due to the interaction of the entire family....no Jon, no fun or entertainment.


people wake up! the show's ratings have droped considerably that's why the change. don't watch the show and it and kate will fade away....


please, no! if's enough that we have to continue to read about this loser! Now we will be forced to hear her too! She's just a soon to be divorced lady rasing her kids alone with millions of bucks people! Jon you go man! Kate will hang herself soon enough. She will start ordering the crew around just as she did jon and they will dump her fat rear end! Can't be soon enough for jon q public! lol


PLEASE TAKE THESE PEOPLE OFF OF TV - just look at the queen on her thrown, her life is all about the fake smile for the crowd hoping she is being worshipped as she feels she deserves to be
I hope Jon can put of the divorce long enough to make her life as miserable as she made his while they were married.


kate is a bi*** every woman blames jon even if they dont know all he wanted was freedom from this controlling witch,,,,,, dont blame him for her mistreating him...


It is amazing that people want to bash Kate Gosselin, but continue to watch and comment. You are making her famous, so don't bash her for being famous as you continue to watch and comment. I think that I would like to seldom work, travel, get free stuff--- and her kids seem adorable. It is obvious that Jon has less and less time on the Plus 8 show so he probably will need another destination in life besides TLC. Maybe a real job?


Besides, a good reason not to watch is why in the world would you want to make this money hungry family more money??? Boycott every show they do and they will finally get back to the real world of work and maybe one vacation a year. No perks, just reality. Even if I had the money that they make, I wouldn't waste it. People are getting tired of this family and the gravy train will run out soon. It can't be soon enough for me!


I won't watch. I quit watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. It was getting so boring!