Karina Smirnoff: Nude for PETA

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Having broken up with Maksim Chmerkovskiy this summer, Karina Smirnoff is now free to flirt, go on dates and show off her naked body to pretty much anyone.

Case in point: the Dancing with the Stars professional in the latest in a long line of random celebrities to don her birthday suit in a PETA campaign against fur. (Season nine contestant Joanna Krupa has also bared it all for the same cause.)

Karina Smirnoff Nude

"I did wear fur, especially when I was growing up in the Ukraine," Smirnoff said, adding that she ceased sporting it when she watched footage of baby seals who were killed for their skins.

It's terrible "when we take advantage of an innocent animal that cannot defend herself," Karina said. "There are ways of being warm and being fashionable without being cruel."

That's true. There are also ways of getting this message across, PETA, without wasting millions on these ad campaigns. Perhaps you should actually save troubled animals with that cash instead.


I love pets but NO THANKYOU to a sl*t trying to get publicity from animals! She eats meat for GODS SAKE! She also beded a SF baseball player moments after her engagment broke off! And she was signing NUDE PETA PHOTOS to the papparzzies wearing her engagment ring! Brides to be just do not act that way! She is low quality person that is not the way to help pets!


Wow she's gorgeous. I know PETA is full of crazies uhm I saw one "Advertisment" were it was a cartoon mom trying to butcher a rabbit with a meat cleaver it was directed towards little kids it said something along the lines of "See what your mother is doing?" lol I was like Frick that is gonna give them nightmares!


I fully support animal rights but the PETA organization definitely has some wackos in the ranks and isn't above hypocrisy.


i've actually heard that PETA doesn't pay for these ad campaigns, they get everything donated (the talent, the photographer, everything). also, think about how many people this positive message will reach! this ad is beautiful, go Karina and go PETA!