Kanye West Crashes Taylor Swift Speech at MTV Awards, Praises Beyonce, Makes Fool of Himself

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Wow. Incredibly, Joe Wilson's outcry of "You lie!" in the direction of Barack Obama was not the most inappropriate example of public humilation this week.

At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift defeated Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, and Beyonce to take home the trophy for Best Female Video.

As a visibly humble, appreciative Swift took the stage and began her acceptance speech, Kanye West actually grabbed the microphone from her and declared that Beyonce - with "one of the greatest videos of all-time" - deserved to win.

The camera cut to Beyonce in the audience. She was horrified. Kanye (who drank Hennessy on the red carpet) ran away from the stage like a pathetic little bitch; and Taylor was left alone, embarrassed and speechless.

To the crowd's credit, they stood and applauded Swift, but the damage had been done. Watch the stunning video below and then send in encouragement to Taylor. We love you, girl!

Was this some sort of stunt? Something Swift may have known about ahead of time, similar to the Bruno/Eminem charade at the MTV Movie Awards? It doesn't appear that way.

You suck, Kanye West.

Taylor Swift was left alone on stage to deal with the ramifications of Kanye West's ridiculously rude, incomprehensibly inappropriate act during the MTV Video Music Awards. Write in and let the world know you're on Taylor's side!

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All of you crying that he is a racist. Get over the colour thing will you! I am so tired of reading about America's bloody colour issues.
Wanna be black but definately white, wanna be white but definately black - get over it. Kanye was out of order, rash and definately made a fool of himself and he will be remembered for it no doubt. Taylor won it. That's more important. Fix up!


Once again, MTV fooled everybody, epically her teenage audience.
Thar was a staged act.


Taylor Swift is beautiful and lovely, and such a sweetheart. And her music is great! She totally deserved to win. Kanye West is a complete bastard.


that bitch should have got kicked out




- WTF; first off muthaaFuckerszz if ur gonna rash Kanye spell his fucckinq name right & Bob caan suck a fucckinq dick fer ur racisit ass note4you ; u cud stfu and stop tippin on his dick & every othaa black person - yeah it was rude for him to interupt her speech yada yada but cummonnn Beyonce deff shuda won but since shee didnt She qot more awards than then her anywaysz. & for the people thaat sed he shud qet smacked n tha face n sum more shit letss bee serious youh know qood & well your ass wudnt be thee one to do iht ?! talk is cheep leave it alone . cus aht thee end of the day Taylor qot her award & was able to finish her speech. She juss was just sadly humiliated durinq the process. Shit happens & life qoes thaa fucck ON ! & to throw in his moms ? comeOnn stfu and leave her out of this . stop beeinq smeezeFaces


GO KAYNEEE !! i hate taylor tbff x
and i just fink that its his opion
i fink tha beyonce should of won it
and all you taylor swift fan's im
sorry but his proved a very good
point ! xxxxxxxxx


The way Tyler handled that situation shows she has grace, style and is a real classy act. I am now a fan. As for Kanye think i'll throw away those CD's as all the talent in the world can't compensate for that attitude, which is just not excusable.


anyone has his wrong doing sometimes yes kanye west was wrong and for matter of the fact it's not the first time he is doing this but we have 2 face the reality that chick didn't deserve the awards ! that's a fact (THE ROCKBOY HAS DONE IT AGAIN) HA!HA!! i bet she won't think of writting a song 4 kanye west coz she's surelly gona regrat it at the and of the day ! mistake is a mistake!


A Good Kick in the ass is what he needs.

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