Kanye West Crashes Taylor Swift Speech at MTV Awards, Praises Beyonce, Makes Fool of Himself

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Wow. Incredibly, Joe Wilson's outcry of "You lie!" in the direction of Barack Obama was not the most inappropriate example of public humilation this week.

At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift defeated Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, and Beyonce to take home the trophy for Best Female Video.

As a visibly humble, appreciative Swift took the stage and began her acceptance speech, Kanye West actually grabbed the microphone from her and declared that Beyonce - with "one of the greatest videos of all-time" - deserved to win.

The camera cut to Beyonce in the audience. She was horrified. Kanye (who drank Hennessy on the red carpet) ran away from the stage like a pathetic little bitch; and Taylor was left alone, embarrassed and speechless.

To the crowd's credit, they stood and applauded Swift, but the damage had been done. Watch the stunning video below and then send in encouragement to Taylor. We love you, girl!

Was this some sort of stunt? Something Swift may have known about ahead of time, similar to the Bruno/Eminem charade at the MTV Movie Awards? It doesn't appear that way.

You suck, Kanye West.

Taylor Swift was left alone on stage to deal with the ramifications of Kanye West's ridiculously rude, incomprehensibly inappropriate act during the MTV Video Music Awards. Write in and let the world know you're on Taylor's side!

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If he is so passionate about beyonce, even though she won 3 awards, then he can show his passion in his own way, in his own time, rather than embarresing taylor on stage, who has worked really hard to get her award. Beyonce deserves her award, but .. so does taylor so get the fuck out Kayne! keep it to yourself.


Kanye West.. well.... if he is so passionate about


Now we don't know for sure if he was thinking racist thoughts or not. Maybe he was and maybe he wasn't. But it IS wrong to humiliate a talented person who obviously has enough fans to be considered a good artist.
It would have been wrong for him to do this to anyone, be it a white teenager or a black adult. It was rude and cruel, and no one should support what he did.


kayne west was a jackass. taylor swift won the award fair and square. he only embarrassed taylor swift, beyonce and himself in this incident. he should go back to school and learn some manners, i mean seriously, my dog has better manners than him!!!!!! lol


Anyone who accuses Kanye West of being racist are themselves racist. I watch the show and the unfortunate event and i have not heard kanye west say or do anything against/because of Taylor swift race.So why are people labeling him a racist.He was rude yes but not racist. Its so easy to get so negatively unnecessarily worked up.Only in America ha ha.




BIG TIME K. WEST, please forget it.....Beyonce doesn't want anything to do with you, she is class & married. Kanye you just don't have it to get there & fulfill your warped dreams.


Im not the biggest Taylor Swift fan either, however, Kenya made a total fool of himself. Keep your rude opinions to yourself and stop blaming everything on your mothers unfortunate passing. I lost my mother, father and brother but I dont feel the need to publically humiliate others. Beyonce, hats off to you for being classy...watch the company you keep!!!


What a bunch of sorry teenage kids!
The whole thing was staged to perfection. Taylor Swift is nothing but another actor.
But, let's say that it wasn’t staged. Here is how she will get over it:
- She will go to the Bahamas or Hawaii to enjoy the beaches’ and the erotic spas, relax, and have fun.
- After that she will go to Milan, Italy, for shoes shopping.
- Then she will drop by Paris, France, for dinner.
- When she comes back home, she will find her bank account even fatter (just like you).
So, while you are feeling so very sorry for Sweet Taylor, embracing her by buying more of her records and making her richer, your daddy is going to lose his job and you will find yourself without health care insurance.
Just remember to yell at the president: YOU DON’T LIE.


Applause to both Taylor and Beyonce for how they both handled the outrageous behavior of Kanye. I am proud of EVERYONE (except HIM) for how they have denounced his boorish behavior: especially as a GROWN adult to a teenager. I know that both the Black and White population has denounced Kanye, but I can't help but think how much MORE outrageous it would have been if a WHITE rapper, like Eminem, had grabbed the mike away from a 19 year old BLACK singer, and said that a WHITE performer like Lady Gaga deserved to receive the award!!! I'm just glad to see that the public outcry did NOT favour Kanye and that all races were disgusted by his rude and insensitive nature.

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