Jon Gosselin to Launch Gosselin Gear Clothing Line

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Christian Audiger who?

Jon Gosselin, who loves his Ed Hardy t-shirts almost as hard as he does his bluetooth headset and Hailey Glassman, says he's launching a clothing line.

“I’m doing a line called Gosselin Gear, Jon said while hanging out at the Hotel on Rivington during the House of Hype post-VMA party (of course).

As for that rumored line with Ed Hardy owner-designer Christian Audigier, about which he met with the Frenchman in St. Tropez this summer?

“I think Christian just used me to get publicity,” he said. Sure.

How's the rest of Jon Gosselin's life treating him these days?

“I’ll be officially divorced in a couple days,” Jon said, gladly.

The King of Pimps does not require Christian Audiger's collaboration.

While he and nagging, grating former partner Kate Gosselin are hammering out custody issues, Jon was in good spirits over the weekend and also confirmed that things with him and new girlfriend Hailey Glassman are going “great.”

We saw that first-hand thanks to their photographed make-out session, but we're glad Jon has gone on record confirming that he hearts his rebound play thing.

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You have turned into a real dirt bag. U use to be all for you now I hope you get what you deserve NOTHING!!


I agree that he is pretty much out of control and needs to come down several places. But you have to keep in mide that Kate is no angel. She can be really rude and mean to. If you ask me they deserve each other.....The kids are the ones who are in the middle of these two people who do not know their a-- from a hole in the groung.


Good for you Jon, I hope this venture is successful. Glad you finally dumped that abusive and belittling wife of yours. Happy that the divorce is almost final, and I hope that you have found someone that truly loves and cares about you, you DESERVE it!


Jon Gosselin is a loser. Any one that would buy something from his line is one too.


I didn't know you could make a career out of being a professional loser. IF he had found his balls a long time ago maybe there wouldn't be custody issues now.


dude do the rest of us a favor crawl back under a rock with your scag rebound friend i don't like anything you represent and i sure as heck wouldn't buy your "gos-slime gear"


I HATE everything about this man.YUCKS!


Gosselin Gear. What a joke. I guess it is for douche bags who are fat and have man boobs. lololololololol Gosselin Gear lolololololo


buy his gear and look as ugly as he is :D


What is Gosselin gear - diapers and a pacifier?