Jon Gosselin to Launch Gosselin Gear Clothing Line

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Christian Audiger who?

Jon Gosselin, who loves his Ed Hardy t-shirts almost as hard as he does his bluetooth headset and Hailey Glassman, says he's launching a clothing line.

“I’m doing a line called Gosselin Gear, Jon said while hanging out at the Hotel on Rivington during the House of Hype post-VMA party (of course).

As for that rumored line with Ed Hardy owner-designer Christian Audigier, about which he met with the Frenchman in St. Tropez this summer?

“I think Christian just used me to get publicity,” he said. Sure.

How's the rest of Jon Gosselin's life treating him these days?

“I’ll be officially divorced in a couple days,” Jon said, gladly.

The King of Pimps does not require Christian Audiger's collaboration.

While he and nagging, grating former partner Kate Gosselin are hammering out custody issues, Jon was in good spirits over the weekend and also confirmed that things with him and new girlfriend Hailey Glassman are going “great.”

We saw that first-hand thanks to their photographed make-out session, but we're glad Jon has gone on record confirming that he hearts his rebound play thing.

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Boo Hoo Hoo waaaahhhhh somebody call the wambulance poor Jon was abused and now he goes on national TV and says he despises the mother of his children. Making nice memories for his children. Time to put your big boy pants on and I don't mean your new "line". Take your 22 yr. old hag and your flabby self and go far, far away. Tool,loser, jackass. Your village called there are looking for their idiot. Must be you Jon.


Pleeeeaaaasssseeee! What a joke. If you want to look like a fat bald slob, buy his Goshog Gear. Crawl back in your hole with your Hobag drug using girlfriend. You two deserve each other. You are a poor excuse for a man. Maybe you can design a line for women, called Jon Gosselin's screwing a scank gear.


Sessions, you are distrubed if you can't wait for children to tell their father they "hate" him...WOW very distrubing. By the way Sessions, in case you haven't noticed, MOST men over 30, 40, 50, and 60 try to date woman in their 20's!!! Getting with the program Sessions.


Ewww gross. As if anyone would buy any of this guy's "Douche-Wear".


Kate's personality has nothing to do with having 8 kids. That's nothing but an excuse. Some people are just unkind to the point of being abusive. What you see is Kate's DNA, it's just the kind of person she is. She is a loser through and through. Of course Jon has made mistakes, so what, who hasn't. Buy the way L.D. how do you know that Jon didn't try at home first, where you there?? In his interview, Jon stated that Kate would not go to a marriage counselor. I went through the same thing trying to save my marriage of 16 years, but my husband was too busy with his girlfriend to go.
I hope Jon can finally find some well deserved happiness, and I hope Kate's life will be as miserable as she has made Jon's. You go Jon!!!


I think anyone that is putting Kate down should try and raise 8 kids. She has to keep a schedule so she can have order with that many kids. I'm sure her nerves run thin, but whose wouldn't. And with that said, it does not excuse Jon's behavior. He has openly reported he is cheating. If his divorce is not over, he is still married. Running to another woman was not a way to fix their problems. He should have tried at home first. Made that his priority. Maybe they both could have gotten some good use out of counseling. But he just ran to another woman and left and the kids and Kate didn't have a chance to fight for their marriage.


Jon, people who are against you are wrong. They obviously have no idea what it is like to be in an abusive relationship, and I hope they never have to find out. Let the others walk in your shoes for just one week, then let's hear how they like living with such abuse. Their tune would change after a few hours. Funny how judgemental people are, but some people just like to kick others when they are down.


"Bye bye twenties." Dude, no one forced you to have kids. Why do they have to suffer now because you missed out on your party years? Be a man and take some responsibility instead of dating girls almost half your age. I'm 22 and think you're disgusting. I can't wait for the day your kids say they hate you to your face. It'll come, trust me.


Cheater Togs - just what the fashion industry needs to make the economy even worse. What a losing venture.


jon i am happy for u but remember your family an dont get caught up with the glits and glammer of hollywood think about kate and the kids. reality hits hard.