Jon Gosselin: Not Fired from Kate Plus 8

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We're very sorry to report, but viewers haven't seen the last of Jon Gosselin on TLC.

While it's true the reality show that catapulted him to fame will be renamed Kate Plus 8; and it's also confirmed it will focus a lot more on Kate Gosselin and the kids, starting November 2, Jon's rep, Mike Heller, makes it clear:

"He was not fired."

That's fine and all, but we can't help wondering: How does one look oneself in the mirror when one's job is to represent Jon Gosselin?


Overall, Kate Plus 8 - how relieved must TLC be that the less douchey side of this couple is the one whose name rhymes with "8?!?" - will focus on the lives of the adorable Gosselin twins and their five-year-old sextuplet siblings.

What will Jon be up to, as the series takes a closer look at Kate's role as a single mother?

A source told Us Weekly he's "still working out the details" for various projects, such as a reality show called The Divorced Dads Club, which would co-star Michael Lohan.

We can only hope it revolves around which father viewers get to stone in public each week.


I think Jon should move on. He is alot better without her. She only wants to exploit her children to make alot of money. She thinks she is an actress but she is far from it. She should just take her kids off tv and lead a more private life with them because it just comes down to money. There are other people that have alot of kids to but they are not on tv. It is time to take that show of the air because it is on to much,enough is enough now please put something else on that is more interesting then someone bringing up their kids.


Seriously, why do people feel the need to talk about this loser every day??? what on earth could be so fascinating about this guy??? I am so sick of looking at his ugly face He is a fat ugly divorced guy who is manwhoring it up....just like a lot of other fat ugly divorced guys do....unfortunately there are a lot of weird and desperately insecure young girls who will sleep with them.... but what is so shocking about that??? is this somehow new information??? I wish everyone would just forget this 'family' and this loser guy ever existed... sooooooo sick of seeing his face and hearing his name.


You guys are ridiculous. Sure Jon's made some bad choices. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Kate just has better spin PR people. If her actions towards him on television, where she told him he "did not know how to speak and complained that he was breathing too hard and loud" and just utterly emasculating him, can you imagine what she said to him when cameras were not on! Be naive and believe the spin and buy what Kate and her team are selling now, because SHE will not be around long. She's on minute 14:58, good bye, and God bless those children.


What a joke. But you showed his trademark mouth that he uses to pick up the ladies, but you didn't show his big fat gut. Go away jon, far far away.


The divorced dads, starring michael lohan and jon gosselin. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO
Oh yeah, that will get ratings, in the toilet. Too funny. Like any divirced dad out there would want to be compared to either of these loser, geeks. Come on......who are they kidding? Themselves!!


No one should have anything to do with Jon Gosslin. Especially TLC. He has shown his true colors - If Kate hadn't held the reigns tightly during their marriage he would have been running around on Kate much sooner. I don't want to see his face again.


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