Jon Gosselin: I Despise Kate

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There wasn't exactly any love lost between Jon and Kate Gosselin to begin with (to put it mildly), but the estranged spouses' war of words was kicked into another gear after Jon's latest outburst on Good Morning America this morning.

He's said she treated him like a lame fish, and was beaten down and abused by his grating spouse - but he never referred to her as "someone I despise."

Until today.

It's a far cry from a few weeks ago, when he said he still loved Kate Gosselin as his children's mother. Now he can't even tolerate the thought of her.

GMA interviewer Chris Cuomo even questioned Gosselin's choice of words and said he should "be careful," but Jon reiterated that he does despise Kate.

The reason? Filling their 10 years of marriage with anger and abuse, and not even projecting a truthful representation of the couple to the media.

IR8: Jon Gosselin despises Kate ... even harder than you think.

Becoming increasingly agitated as he was shown contrasting celebrity gossip magazines featuring Kate and himself, Jon basically called Kate out for what he considers a huge act, for degrading their marriage, shoplifting his manhood and more.

Kate Gosselin didn't just steal Jon's pride and 10 years of his life – she also swiped his wedding ring, he claims, while still wearing hers "for show."

He put down the ring one day, saying "I'm done," only to have it disappear a few days later, with Kate the only person who could have taken it.

Jon says he's cried "more in the last eight months" than in his entire life, due to pent up frustration with Kate and having "no voice in the media."

At least he's remedying the second part of that.

Watch Jon go off on Kate for yourself ...


Wah Wah Wah... All this man does is complain. Idiot... You let her beat you down.


John is an idiot, he makes himself even stupider every time he opens his mouth. He complains but he sure does like spending the money. He is a lazy bum. Kate is better off without him.What a jerk!!!


He can't possibly despise Kate any more than we despise the both of them. I wish the media morons would stop interviewing these imbeciles.


Lucky for Jon his kids have "paid" for his hair implants, personal trainer, expensive cars, probably his girlfriend's boob job, going out clubbing, and certainly can replace his wedding band. He's a joke. Grow up Jon...cry to someone who gives a damn. Kate may have been a hard cuss to deal with, but she's taking care of her babies and not parading around with several different guys and spending money like she made it.


Watch Kate's progression in character from earlier shows to before they announced their divorce -- she got too into the whole fame and fortune thing!!! Loving the attention too. Jon should have called her out on her obvious witchiness a long time ago -- maybe it wouldn't have gone as far as it did and they would have been able to work it out better. And continuing the show for this long is so ridiculous! Those poor kids are being exploited to make a sweet coin for their parents... It's definitely not all "for the kids".


That man can't keep his lying stories straight to save his soul. He's a lying A-Hole and I feel sorry for those kids.

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