Jon Gosselin: I Despise Kate

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There wasn't exactly any love lost between Jon and Kate Gosselin to begin with (to put it mildly), but the estranged spouses' war of words was kicked into another gear after Jon's latest outburst on Good Morning America this morning.

He's said she treated him like a lame fish, and was beaten down and abused by his grating spouse - but he never referred to her as "someone I despise."

Until today.

It's a far cry from a few weeks ago, when he said he still loved Kate Gosselin as his children's mother. Now he can't even tolerate the thought of her.

GMA interviewer Chris Cuomo even questioned Gosselin's choice of words and said he should "be careful," but Jon reiterated that he does despise Kate.

The reason? Filling their 10 years of marriage with anger and abuse, and not even projecting a truthful representation of the couple to the media.

IR8: Jon Gosselin despises Kate ... even harder than you think.

Becoming increasingly agitated as he was shown contrasting celebrity gossip magazines featuring Kate and himself, Jon basically called Kate out for what he considers a huge act, for degrading their marriage, shoplifting his manhood and more.

Kate Gosselin didn't just steal Jon's pride and 10 years of his life – she also swiped his wedding ring, he claims, while still wearing hers "for show."

He put down the ring one day, saying "I'm done," only to have it disappear a few days later, with Kate the only person who could have taken it.

Jon says he's cried "more in the last eight months" than in his entire life, due to pent up frustration with Kate and having "no voice in the media."

At least he's remedying the second part of that.

Watch Jon go off on Kate for yourself ...


Jon, Kate was there too with those children, so those years you claim you "lost" she "lost" too. How will your children feel when they see that you consider having them as taking away your 20's -- instead of bringing a blessing to them. They are all healthy. They made you wealthy. You want to inline skate, snowboard, play, play, play. You dropped out of school. (You could have easily gone back and made something of yourself.) I know she berated you little man, but if I were married to a lazy fool I'd do a little verbal incentive myself.
One day your children will read you "despise" their mother. Grow up and be a man.


I despise you Jon. You are a poor excuse for a father. If you wanted to screw around than I guess you should have taken some responsibility to not have all these kids. You are just a punk! I hate reading about you and your wife. Who cares????? Skumbag!


I watch TLC daily...and have seen the earler episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 and it is sooo sad to see how their relationship turned out. In the beginning i was on Jons side...I felt bad for him because she was mean to him...but after seeing all the crazy pictures of him out partying it up and with several young girls i was shocked and now he is crying about being so young and having kids HELLO its not easy having kids and he is not the only one to have kids at a young age...stop your whining, and crying...and stop putting your childrens mother down. One day they will read what he said and he will have to aswer to everything he says...keep your bad feelings out of the media!!!


This is a very sad public marriage breakup. These TWO have ZERO class and it seems Jon is not concerned about their children hearing his pithy comments at school or seeing his "sexploits" in the papaer. Their older girls are being publicly humiliated every time he opens his mouth. They should both shut up and do what is best for their children not for their own personal "vengance" gain. PS No one can make you feel bad about yourself but what you allow yourself to put up with. He "emascualted" himself by allowing her to speak to him that way. He also appears to be a "bobo" head from the way he acts like a child needing direction.


If he despised her, why did he keep having more children with her?
Does the man know nothing about birth control? Or is he just irresponsible?


Honestly, it doesn't matter who is "right" in this situation because neither of them are! Both of them need to stop doing interviews and just focus on their children. They should have stopped filming the show and worked on their marriage instead of continuing it. Now their poor children constantly have to see their mom and dad on the covers of trashy magazines. They should be ashamed of themselves. Jon needs to grow one made him get married at 22. Kate needs to be less of a control freak and keep those kids out of the public eye for a while.


I have watched your show for years. I always loved your show. I can't stand that you two are throwing such rude thoughts back and forth. Take a step back, stop talking to the media, work on your marriage and on your 8 kids....not on a 22 year old. She is going to dump you like an old hat.


Kate seemed to be very hard to live with and hardly ever smiled. I see her smile now since Jon is gone. Obviously, the TV program was way too much for both of them and it costs them their family. As for Jon, using the 'despised' word is a strong word. No matter how much frustration you have built up toward each other, the kids should NEVER find out that their father despises their mother. With that word plastered all over the media for the kids to hear, what else will they say. Maybe the kids are too yound right now to understand that but evil just keeps residing in people. One day the kids will hear that he said that about their mother. He could loose more than he bargained for. Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can not be taken back.


If he was a real man he could have taken control, stop crying and figure out how you will take care of 8 children if kate quits the show like people think she should. ha ha


I have been watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 for many seasons and the way Kate talks and treats Jon on camera is abusive from time to time and I wonder how she treats him when the camera is off. I feel sorry for him and hope he and his children can find peace and happiness in the end.

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