Jon Gosselin Calls Hailey Glassman His Soul Mate; Kate Livid with Primetime Interview

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Kate Gosselin is reportedly enraged with estranged husband Jon and his accusation that she may have been having an affair with bodyguard Steve Neild.

“She is beyond angry,” said a source who knows Kate well. “Kate knows Jon is just trying to vent his anger at her but she feels he’s gone way too far.”

In an interview with ABC's Good Morning America and Primetime, Jon told "his side of the story" of the divorce that has become a celebrity gossip staple.

He held nothing back. In no uncertain terms, we know that Jon despises Kate, that he was abused by his wife and that she refused to go to counseling.

“Kate knew this was coming,” the source said. “But it’s still pretty bad.”

That's sure to get worse after the latest bombs he dropped last night.

Despite being emasculated, beaten down and tormented by his nagging, grating spouse on TV ... Jon says actually it was way worse than you think.

He says Kate is living a lie, doesn't speak from the heart, is not someone you can trust, and does everything with public perception in mind. Brutal.

Jon Gosselin is asked about a classic tabloid cover of himself on Primetime.

Then he got going on his "soul mate" - girlfriend Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon - who he calls the "polar opposite of Kate."

That's bad enough. He went on to drop this bomb:

"I feel like I love ... love her more than I did Kate.”

He's not even divorced yet. Then this: "You can't control who you love. I strongly believe that. You cannot control it. It's two people joined together."

It's true, one cannot control, the slightly-damaged, mediocre girls one falls for when finally released from the worst ball and chain in human history.

Jon maintains that he was not unfaithful, however, and that the truth of the matter is that he was the only one who tried to fix their broken marriage.

"I didn't leave Kate for [Hailey Glassman]," he tells ABC. "People think I left Kate for Hailey because of the time-frame and what the tabloids printed."

Follow the jump for the video of Jon Gosselin on Primetime ...

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What a looser!!!!Was it suppose to help him??
Please take him out of the screen!!
Kate plus 8 minus the dirtbag!


Two normal married adults would have put the show aside to work out their differences in a mature fashion. These two remind me of two 12 year olds. Why do they feel the need to battle out their private issues on t.v. Plus the media is just eating this up. What a compkete embarassment these two are in regard to marriage, parents and just plain adult human beings.


Wow hes really classy to go on national TV and tell the world that he loves his 22 year old mistress more then he loved the mother of his 8 children whom he was married to for 10 years. Hes an angry immature jerk, she may have been alittle bitchy but then again i saw ugly school teachers on her lawn in swim suits while her chubby husband sat in a chair and looked on, and then to make it worse hes now dateing someone who looks like a frigging coke head. The funny thing is he thought this interview was going to help his image hahah good thinking Jon..moron!


Kate was right.
He IS a "lame fish"!!!!!
What a couple of losers. With any luck, their children will divorce them.


the state of pennsylvania needs to step in and take custody asap


Some one needs to shut this jerk up, each time he opens his mouth it gets worse. Poor jon was abused bt big bad Kate. Is he kidding , no one believes his nonsense. TLC should fire him based on his public appearances and his appearance. He is fat, has man boobs, runs around with young girls and tries to convince us he is a "good guy." Good guys with 8 kids don't flaunt themselves in front of the cameras with a different girl every week or two. Come on jon man up, stop complaining, take responsibility for your actions. Get rid of the man boobs! GROSS

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