Jon Gosselin Calls Hailey Glassman His Soul Mate; Kate Livid with Primetime Interview

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Kate Gosselin is reportedly enraged with estranged husband Jon and his accusation that she may have been having an affair with bodyguard Steve Neild.

“She is beyond angry,” said a source who knows Kate well. “Kate knows Jon is just trying to vent his anger at her but she feels he’s gone way too far.”

In an interview with ABC's Good Morning America and Primetime, Jon told "his side of the story" of the divorce that has become a celebrity gossip staple.

He held nothing back. In no uncertain terms, we know that Jon despises Kate, that he was abused by his wife and that she refused to go to counseling.

“Kate knew this was coming,” the source said. “But it’s still pretty bad.”

That's sure to get worse after the latest bombs he dropped last night.

Despite being emasculated, beaten down and tormented by his nagging, grating spouse on TV ... Jon says actually it was way worse than you think.

He says Kate is living a lie, doesn't speak from the heart, is not someone you can trust, and does everything with public perception in mind. Brutal.

Jon Gosselin is asked about a classic tabloid cover of himself on Primetime.

Then he got going on his "soul mate" - girlfriend Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon - who he calls the "polar opposite of Kate."

That's bad enough. He went on to drop this bomb:

"I feel like I love ... love her more than I did Kate.”

He's not even divorced yet. Then this: "You can't control who you love. I strongly believe that. You cannot control it. It's two people joined together."

It's true, one cannot control, the slightly-damaged, mediocre girls one falls for when finally released from the worst ball and chain in human history.

Jon maintains that he was not unfaithful, however, and that the truth of the matter is that he was the only one who tried to fix their broken marriage.

"I didn't leave Kate for [Hailey Glassman]," he tells ABC. "People think I left Kate for Hailey because of the time-frame and what the tabloids printed."

Follow the jump for the video of Jon Gosselin on Primetime ...

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Jon is nothing but a loser.Whom obviously does not care about his children but only cares about himself,going out with this sad pathic coke whore. I feel so bad for her parents,they must be embarassed & ashamed of their daughter's behavior. Jon & the whore deserve each other.
If he truly cared about his children he would try to save his marriage and be there for them like a good father should.


No Jon, you left Kate for Deena whatsherface. And you now have a girlfriend as mediocre as you. And that's very mediocre, indeed. You dig yourself further and further into mediocrity and unlikability. You take any women to bed you possibly can, blow through your children's money, demean their mother in public by stating you despise her (and as bad as she was to you, she never said anything half as cruel), state that being a father stole your young life away...Kate was a shrew but you're on another whole level entirely. To me, all of the above actions show you to be unimaginably selfish as a person, husband and father.


Jon is a total slim bag and any sliver of hope I had left he might be able to redeem himself went out the window last night with that ridiculous rant on Primetime last night! Maybe Kate was the way she was during the show because he was as horrible to live with during their marriage as he has been for all of us to watch since the separation. The true colors are showing and what each of their real characters are is definitely comming to light. Keep doing what your doing Kate! As for Jon???? God help him....


Did you see the polls? 72% positive for Kate after this pathetic interview. Jon just dug his hole deeper. What a putz.
"..if it's from the heart..." what guy talks like that?


Cancel the stupid TV Show. Both are Horrible Parents. I think Jon is worse because he can't keep his mouth shut and has been sleeping around with tramps, drinking, living 'large'. Plus, he's probably an alcoholic and that is why Kate didn't want him going out with his friends... She was afraid that he'd get a DUI or worse--DOA. Why else did he bring up that his dad and both grandparents are alcoholics in the interview. ? Is he trying to make excuses for his 'mistakes' --that is he can't help being a stupid jerk because all his family were drunks? Sounds like a dysfunctional home-life for Jon way before he met Kate. And he paid a therapist $22,000? Did he tell Jon to go drinking knowing he had alcoholic family? Jon's interview makes no sense....full of baloney. Go Away. Go get a job, support your kids and Leave us alone.


If it were woman sitting there,saying all the things he's saying about *her* spouse, people would be up in arms. The truth is, *women can* be mental abusers, period. She nagged at him. Belittled him. That is a fact. Should he be addressing this in front of a television audience? No. But I've seen, first hand, women like Kate. I've seen men break under the pressure because their partners emasculate them at every turn. I hate that double standard. Men and women have the power to make people feel like shit equally.End of story. Moving on.


They are both a mess. I agree with Connie. Kate has real issues. If Jon suggested counseling and she turned it down, it shows SHE is the one that broke up the marriage. Could it be that Jon is right and her bodyguard (why does she need one when the kids aren't with her?) played a big part of it?


I feel sorry for Kate. My impression of her is that she's a smart, determined caring woman.....anyone can see that she puts her children's welfare what if she's made a lot of money. I'm sure the kids will benefit from it. In the interview last night, Jon struck me as an immature little boy who needs his mommy.......I lost all respect for him..


This Jon needs to get a real job to support his kids so they don't have to perform on tv.
Maybe working will settle him down


Kate WAS abusive. She is obsessive compulsive. She doesn't even have a relationship with her own parents, her father is a pastor. And that relationship went sour over hand me down baby stuff people DONATED to her, she didn't WANT it.
Kate has alot of mental emotional issues, and she bashed him, infront on their children every chance she got. She was a bully, just the female kind.
STARS and MONEY have clouded Kate's mommy instincts. She only cares about herself. IT was SHE that ended the marriage, long ago, but allowed Jon to live in the garage, so they could keep rolling in the money, of her childrens back!
BUT KATE is a very mentally disturbed woman! She needs HELP...not more PR!!!

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