Jon Gosselin Calls Hailey Glassman His Soul Mate; Kate Livid with Primetime Interview

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Kate Gosselin is reportedly enraged with estranged husband Jon and his accusation that she may have been having an affair with bodyguard Steve Neild.

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    Jon has been the one saying lets get counseling! Kate has been refusing. Their marriage could have possible been saved if she would have been an adult and admitted she had problems her kids get to suffer..way to go


    Jon has become a horrible role model for both his sons and daughters. Obviously the divorce is going to greatly affect the children. They will be reading all about their father's adventures one day and Jon's trysts and comments about their mom are going to be devastating to them. If he can not stand up to his wife, whose problem is that? Whatever Kate may or may not be, at least she is a strong women and an excellent role model for her girls and boys. She works hard, takes great care of herself and is not running around the world with a boy toy on her arm. The time she spends away from home is work related - so unless everyone wants to pitch in to put those children through college - perhaps we all should be more supportive of Kate Gosselin.


    We're never going to understand what really happened between Jon & Kate. There probably are alot of wrongs on both sides. What disappoints me is that both claim to have the childrens' best interest in mind, and yet they both continue to disrespect one another on a national platform. The things they say are hateful and they are anything less than classy in terms of their actions. Those poor kids are going to grow up ASHAMED of their parents. They've destroyed their family and put together a 3 ring circus!


    OMG ppl need to chill!! NOONE knows what goes on behind closed doors! We have ALL been in a situation when we are judged and the whole story isn't known. I was married to a wonderful man for 10yrs, he relapsed to drugs & alcohol and for a yr I hid the abuse. I finally filed for divorce to protect our 6yr old son. A yr later he died driving drunk. I was the villian because I didn't air my business to everyone. I'm still very alone except his mother who had known all along. So before you go throwing insults and judgment, think of your own life!!!! It's TV, Kate seemed so cruel(by the show I would leave too) and Jon seemed great but he gets fed up he leaves and meets a girl and instantly he's the devil. You reap what you sow!!


    i wish the hands of time would move back to before all this caous and back to a more simple time in there lives when they were in love and loved their lives.i wish them all, jon kate & their children a long and happy life.and i hope someday that is what they all find.i use to be envious of their lives with all the money and fame mostly the money but they are a true example that though money may make life easier it doesnt always mean happier.they have tons of money but at what cost?......


    Connie is 1000% correct. Kate is an abusive bully!! Anyone who supports Kate must be the same. How would you like to live with someone for 10 years that treated you less than a piece of garbage. No one deserves that. Abuse is abuse, and it's always wrong. Abused men can be just as vunerable as an abused woman. Jon went for the first woman to show him a kind word...anyone would do the same. Just because you have children doesn't mean that you are perfect. I hope Jon can finally find someone who will love and care about him. I hope Kate's next 10 years will be every bit as miserable as she has made Jon's. You go Jon!


    Connie nailed it right on the head! I totally agree. BOTH are at fault in there own ways and who are we to judge them really, they are real people with real problems. They should both go into hiding and stay out of the public eye and get there lives back on track for THE KIDS who cares about the adults acting like children what is most important is the KIDS at such a crucial time. My mom verbally abused my dad and it took him 20 years to finally walk away. Everyone makes there own path in life and then walks it, there is always the chance to create a new one! When kids are involved they need to be remembered too, who cares who cheated on who obviously the marriage is over... get over it and FOCUS on the KIDS!


    With any luck these two will have an epiphany, giveup the show, and concentrate on wha really matters, those eight little ones. My daughter is going on nine, her birthday is 3 days before their twins, and she's at a stage where she needs so much time and attention. I can't imagine how you could be a part time parent and focus no their needs they way they need to be focused on. And I only have halfthe kids they do!


    JG is such a dirtbag. I hope he realizes that if he hadn't had a ton of fucking kids, he'd still just be a fat balding ugly bastard. Makes me sick. And WTF is with this Ed Hardy bullshit? Fugly.
    Bye-Bye 20's? I suppose he DOES deserve a chance at his 20's again. I mean, it's not HIS fault he got married and had a million kids.
    Pooooor douchebag.
    PLEASE speak from the heart!


    I would venture to say that Jon finally got sick of being kicked around by that crazy control freak wife. Someone should have told Kate, even the sweetest dog will bite if you kick him enough. That said, Jon is probably going a bit overboard with the girlfriend and being in public. Doesn't do his children any favors.

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