Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Bash "Katezilla"

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In the latest round of absurd, hilarious personal attacks exchanged between Jon and Kate Gosselin in the media, he and his new girlfriend have struck back.

After Kate lamented on The View this week that Jon Gosselin brought Hailey Glassman to meet their eight kids, he tells E! News that it's simply not true.

"I've never brought Hailey to meet the kids," said Jon, who told GMA last week that he despises his ex-wife, "nor do I plan on doing that anytime soon."

Taking to her Twitter account, Hailey Glassman chimed in: "I was never at Jon and Katezilla's house nor did I meet the children, And nor am I in a rush to."

She added: "When the truth finally comes out, the public owes Jon and I a HUGE apology, until then keep hating n being blinded, Bunch of Helen Keller's."

We're guessing that's her way of saying celebrity gossip readers are just blinded by ... who the hell knows. But she's a class act, that Hailey Glassman.

Hailey Glassman Mug Shot

The women of Jon Gosselin, past and present.

A source close to Jon and Hailey says Jon spoke to Kate Gosselin after her appearance, and asked why she made the Hailey-meeting-the-kids allegation.

Kate claimed to have seen it "in the tabloids." Natch.

The source close to Jon says he will consider introducing the kids to Hailey "at the appropriate time" once the divorce is final - in the next couple of weeks.

It's been a busy week for Jon Gosselin rumors. Stephanie Santoro, a nanny he hired, says she and Jon had sex nine times - at the house with the kids.

After a massage and hot tub action, she says she went to the apartment over Jon's garage. You know what happened then. Sex. They had sex. Many times.

Who sucks more?


I think some people are way too caught up in this show. And since they are, why can't they recognize and acknowledge the fact that Jon was treated pretty poorly on some of those episodes? One can only imagine what it was like off the air. Not that Kate's all to blame. I'm sure they knew the divorce statistics having multiples let alone 2 sets, and sextuplets to boot! I think we are being alittle harsh on the guy.


i couldnt agree with bebot more all support running with kate here.. jon is such a worthless low life and i hope he is ready for the karma coming his way..


Why does Hailey Glassman have to call Kate Katezilla? Hailey can be upset, but doe she not think Jon's kids will see what she has written? Hailey wants a future with Jon. She should think ahead of what she says and also why make a Heller Keller comment. Hailey should act her age. Oh, that's right, she's 22. What a great stepmom she will make. Team kate.


Haileyzilla thinks she and Jon Gosselin are a couple.


Haileyzilla, you're nobody to call Jon's WIFE names. Yeah right, the public will owe you a HUGE apology--- um, do you get it that the issue is that nobody wants the children to be polluted by an introduction to such a skank as yourself? Wow, just wait till it's proven that they NEVER were introduced to such a skank as yourself, that'll SHOW THEM! (Gee, they musta had you confused with one of his other 85 cheap'n'ugly little sluts, dummy.) Kate is more attractive than you, more accomplished than you, more everything than you, so keep your big hole shut for a change.


They both need to shut the hell up.
Why can't they just grow up already? Can't they see how stupid they're being?
Jon's not the greatest dad or even the greatest guy, but Kate's just like her name. Katezilla.
She's a bitch. A BITCH.
I don't like Jon much, but if I had to pick, I'd choose him. Kate can burn in hell.


What are these 2 people really doing for mankind? What are they doing for starving kids? I donate to love the children and feed the children every mouth. I don't have much money but i try to give every mouth. If you have money then think about the poor children that go to bed every night hungry (Jon and Kate) Stop just thinking about how you going to get your next million. I never hear anything thing good coming out of these two people face about how they help the poor. They both have enough money to help out the poor children that have to go to bed starving for food and water. It don't take much to feed a starving family. Some people are so money hungry all they think about are themselves. A little help go's a long way


I was just wondering this... Who was watching the kids while they were sleeping while Jon and the nanny were in the hot tub and in bed doing the wild thing. I understand he took her up to his apartment above the garage to get her in bed. WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH BUT JON AND HIS WOMAN. And the one above the stars.


Ooh hoo, I love it whenever someone says,"just wait until the TRUTH comes out..." Hailey, here is the truth: 1. You are extremely immature.
2. You don't exhibit much class.
3. Jon Gosselin is using you for sex until he finds someone better. I give you maybe 6 months to a year with him.
4. Kate G. is the mother of Jon's 8 kids and you are in the wrong to criticize her, no matter how little you like her. (I wonder what your take would be if your dad got a new woman who bad mouthed your mother?)
5. You have very poor taste in men.
6. You should be earning an education in order to better yourself, instead of throwing away your time with this loser.
7. Your parents should be protecting you from this loser. If I were you, instead of slagging off on Kate G., you should be looking into #7 and trying to figure out why no one is looking out for your best interests on the home front.


HEADLINE: Jon claims to not have schtupped Deanna wazzerface. HEADLINE: Jon claims to not have schtupped Hailey wazzerface. HEADLINE: Jon claims to not have schtupped Kate wazzerface. HEADLINE: Jon claims to not have schtupped Stephanie wazzerface. HEADLINE: Jon claims to not have Hailey wazzerface home to meet the kids or Katezilla... Ah, Jon, so refreshingly HONEST! :-D !!!!!

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