Jon Gosselin Brings Home Hailey Glassman

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The same day he publicly denied breakup rumors, Jon Gosselin gave his new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, her first tour of his hometown of Wernersville, Pa.

Hope the kids enjoyed meeting their new mommy.

Jonny Gosselin

Jon and his exclusive new plaything had breakfast at a local diner in the morning and later borrowed a friend's '68 Chevelle to drive around sightseeing.

They stopped at Blue Marsh Lake in nearby Leesport, Pa., where they "parked" for a bit. Guy thinks he's in high school. No word if any necking took place.

"They definitely looked like two people in love," a source says.

"They were both laughing and smiling and just enjoying being together finally without worrying about being seen. They kissed and held hands a lot."

ON THE REBOUND: Jon is smitten with his girlfriend Hailey.

Hailey's first trip to the Keystone State comes after an explosive week for Jon, who told ABC News he loves her more than he ever did wife Kate Gosselin.

Jon calls Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon, the "polar opposite" of his grating estranged wife. And he means that as a compliment.

He says he despises Kate. That's a pretty good indicator.

In Jon's Primetime interview, he gushed over Hailey: "I get encouragement from her, I get respect from her. Two things a man needs. This is someone, like a soul mate. People joke about that. But I'm not joking about that."

Wonder if they've set a date yet.


Jon is the dirt on the bottom of her shoe. Learn to watch Jon's eyes when he is talking. He looks like a deer caught in the headlight of a car when he is lieing. All you see is the white's of his eyes. Kate needs to pull the stick out that he told her to and beat the crap out of him with it. He always looked and acted like a spoiled child rolling his eyes and pouting during their chats on the show. Get rid of him or the show.


jon will get what he deserves in the end! no young girl is going to want all his children! he is in the lime light and has money and that is why they are there! if jon had his 9-5 job like he says he wants - no girls! lol. when they go through his money and will then understand! kate take the children and let jon play.


Hailey Glassman has no morals for herself. She should realize if a man can cheat on his wife like that he would do the same to her. Besides I think she's a gold digger.




I've seen homeless people dress better.


MSEXY you're right about the stuff on her sneaker, I hadnt noticed, ha ha ha. What comes around goes around... they both will find this out. Her for messing around with a married guy, and him for not getting divorced first before moving on like a real man should, shows how immature he really is, even if Kate isnt an easy person to live with... get a divorce first you idiot.


You should just stop with photographing them. Both are worthless pieces of shit and have not life. Both need to be expelled, (deported), from the USA.


The ugly worthless ho has shit on her shoe. What a skank

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