Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman: Making Out!

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Just in case you thought Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman were broken up, a myth he dispelled in an interview, the photos below should set the record straight.

Nauseatingly straight.

Acting like two teenagers in love (she's not too far removed), Jon and his girlfriend, who have been together a few months now, made out for the cameras.

The passionate embrace took place during Hailey's first trip to Pennsylvania this week. Yeah. His kids' therapy bills are going to be REALLY high in a few years ...

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Pic

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman make out by the lake.

In his interview with Primetime and Good Morning America this week, Jon said Hailey is his soul mate, a girl he loves more than he ever did wife Kate.

Those are harsh words for the mother of his eight children, but there's no denying he's into her. Whether it's just because he's free of the ball and chain and being treated like a human being for the first time in 10 years remains to be seen.

Hailey's visiting Jon's native Pennsylvania this week, and Radar Online was lucky (unlucky?) enough to capture photos of this special romantic moment.

There's no way this is going to end well, and Kate is going to be beyond pissed, but for now, this budding romance continues to flourish. Very publicly.

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Jon Gets Pumped
Make-Out Session
Kissing Hailey
Jon and Hailey Picture
Hailey Kissing Jon
Jon Gosselin PDA
Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin Picture
The Mack Daddy

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Jon isn't it suppose to be "YOU GET THE DIVORICE" then you hang out with the broads. I think most judges frown on this kind of behavior before anything is final. Hailey you just keep on making momma and daddy proud parents carrying on with a "MARRIED MAN" in the public eye. You are just the kind of girl I wanted my son's to bring home 'NOT" I would have made Kate look like an angel by the time I got through ripping them If they had showed up with someone like you.


I for one am glad Jon finally "set the record straight", or at least in HIS mind he did. Come on people we all saw how Kate treated him. Right or wrong they were both in that marriage together and it takes 2 to make things work or not work. They were both wrong, Kate the way she talk and Jon for not manning up sooner. The sad fact is that these kids have to live with this. Enough is enough who cares I wish the show would be cancel, let Jon go his way and Kate hers and let these people see how life really is. I don't know about the rest of you but I have enough in my own life to keep me busy, and don't need to watch any of these shows..let's get a life people, and try to make a difference, with REALITY not TV REALITY !!!!!


this is all also stupid last nite i saw jon on tv saying how he was abused because kate was away on book tours. she was doing all this for the family to help support them id say. lots of celebs do the same thing whats wrong with her doing it also
from the take i got he started hangin out with other women and kate didnt like it . she decided on divorce so either is free to do what they want.
i felt lucky to spend lots of time with my daughter when she was just a baby. i worked afternoons so id let her sleep as long as she wanted then feed her when she got up.
on my days off id just keep her with me as the years went by we had alot of fun together. she was my numero uno concern.
when i got divorced my atty told me that all the legal fighting back and forth does nothing but hurt the kids, so i knew then what i had to do.
jon did what he wanted so hes got no complaints. sometimes i think theyve both cooked this whole thing up as a plan to improve ratings


If those two can be called celebrities anyone can.


For once I am forced to agree with so many women. Jon is indeed an idiot and a sad excuse for a human being. He is a disgrace to all males. His wife should fight for full custody of those children, giving that "asshole" Jon, "supervised visitation" rights only.


Just when you think he's gotten as bad as he can, he gets worse. Is NO ONE advising this idiot? He may want to be a teenager again, but he is balding, fat, and looks ridiculous. It has gone from merely disgusting to pathetic.


Jon is an idiot. He may have issues with Kate, but leave the kids out of it. Its really sad because its all about publicity for him. If those were my kids and he were my ex, he may have visitation, but never would I allow him to bring his new girl friend home. But then again, he already has. This girl needs to turn the light on and see not only what he is doing to her, but also to his children - just to spite Kate. Grow up Jon, and get a job.


Does it ever stop? Someone ought to make him have a mental health exam. He is clearly not right. His wife needs to have primary custody of the children. I shudder to think of what they will be exposed to without supervised visitation while with their father. He is clueless as to being a parent. It seems every time he plans an activity with the kids, it is something he wants to showboat in front of the cameras...skating, rock climbing, skiing etc. Child in a fat man's body.



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