Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman: Making Out!

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Just in case you thought Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman were broken up, a myth he dispelled in an interview, the photos below should set the record straight.

Nauseatingly straight.

Acting like two teenagers in love (she's not too far removed), Jon and his girlfriend, who have been together a few months now, made out for the cameras.

The passionate embrace took place during Hailey's first trip to Pennsylvania this week. Yeah. His kids' therapy bills are going to be REALLY high in a few years ...

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Pic

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman make out by the lake.

In his interview with Primetime and Good Morning America this week, Jon said Hailey is his soul mate, a girl he loves more than he ever did wife Kate.

Those are harsh words for the mother of his eight children, but there's no denying he's into her. Whether it's just because he's free of the ball and chain and being treated like a human being for the first time in 10 years remains to be seen.

Hailey's visiting Jon's native Pennsylvania this week, and Radar Online was lucky (unlucky?) enough to capture photos of this special romantic moment.

There's no way this is going to end well, and Kate is going to be beyond pissed, but for now, this budding romance continues to flourish. Very publicly.

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Jon Gets Pumped
Make-Out Session
Kissing Hailey
Jon and Hailey Picture
Hailey Kissing Jon
Jon Gosselin PDA
Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin Picture
The Mack Daddy

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He is using any excuse he can to think of to make people feel sorry for him, it's obvious he doesn't want to be a husband or a father now that he has experienced it. And the pictures of Hailey are a disgrace, Jon you have to be insane to have someone like this around the kids. Kate has the right to be pissed. If you can see Hailey is still a kid herself to be acting like that.
It's no make decisions like these that gets you into trouble Kate is always on you. You just don't simply think like a husband (obviously) or a father should. DON'T BLAME KATE IT'S YOUR BRAIN!!!


thank goodness I'm not the only one who thinks Jon is a chubby, juvenile idiot. I just wonder what's wrong with this Hailey chick that she finds him attractive, oh that's right, she's rather juvenile herself judging from the videos of her party nights. Jon is running from adulthood and is willing to sacrifice all that's good and right to live in the 'world' and will no doubt be flat broke when he finds out he's being used by just about everyone in his new life. Meantime Kate will continue raising those precious children and doing her best to protect them from their father's shame.




I am surprised that Jon's "girlfriend" hasn't stopped to think about being a stepmom to 8 children, wanting one or more of her own and whether Jon will be able to handle all of this financial mess involved with divorce. I agree he is much too self centered to even think of his children's well being. I saw a little of the interview. It was sad to hear him describe his feelings toward Hailey but didn't have the same expressions of love for his children.


You know honestly a lot of people who are not in the spot light have this issue. Who really cares. Let him do as he pleases. All that really matters is the children and they are fine. You people act like the divorce rate in America is based on Jon and Kate LOL. Well its not. They are CLEARLY seperated and he can kiss or fornicate with whomever he wants. As can Kate. They are both not bad looking people at all. I'm sure she can find someone as well. You cant just stay together for the kids. They will suffer from the tention they know, see and feel. AND YOU CERTAINLY CANT STAY TOGETHER WITH CAMERAS UP YOUR A** or for the public. After all if they did what would you guys have to b*tch about.


He is acting like a irresponsible teenager; i mean yea kate has issues and all and i dont blame him for stickin up for himslef but, shes taking care of her kids and takin their emotions into consideration shes not bein photographed makin out all over the country.. Jon Get some morals for cryin out loud....


Why do you people hate it so that Jon is Happy with Hailey?If Jon dated a snake it would be better then living with Kate. Kate goes out all the time with her SO CALLED BODY GUARD.she want have anyone but Steve to guard her.I wonder what he guards inside the house.Oh, watch it Kate there goes a fly!! duck your skunk head so I can shoot it.Pow Pow It's dead!!!Body Guard my ass!!!you go Jon and Hailey and find some happinss.I despise two face Kate also.At least you and Hailey are not lying about how you fell.


i hated jon, since the first tiime he dated that Girl,
like seriously, WHO WOULD DATE UR EX-WIFE, PLASTIC SURGEN DAUGHTER?? that just Plain DAMN WEIRDD,,,,, WHICH MEANS, HE A DORK/NERD/STUPID/WEIRDOO/ that just Gross. why cant they get back together, and get things Right?


Jon you make me sick. Kate you are going to have to think again about this shared custody agreement. Because Jon is not thinking about his kids first. He is thinking about himself first.


Looks like he wants nine children instead of eight to support.

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