Joe Wilson to Barack Obama: You Lie!

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U.S. President Barack Obama was giving a speech to Congress Wednesday night about health care. Until Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina decided to interject.

Here's how the exchange (if you can call it that) went:

  • Barack Obama: " ... There are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false ... the reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally."
  • Joe Wilson: "You lie!"

Truly, the classiest, most effective way to disagree with someone.

Check out the video of Joe Wilson's "You Lie!" moment ...

You might expect such a response to Obama's address to school children ... actually, no you wouldn't. Five-year-olds typically have better manners than this.

Perhaps it was a perfect storm of controversial topics helped evoke Wilson's bizarre, negative and universally-criticized outburst. It was the South Carolinan who had been reinforcing the belief that health care reform includes "Death Panels."

Wilson called it an "end-of-life counseling program, which has been highlighted by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a program which could lead to seniors being encouraged to seek less care to protect the government´s bottom line."

Minutes before Wilson's outburst, Obama's speech debunked that: "It's a lie, plain and simple," he said, which brought most of Congress to its collective feet.

After the speech, reaction to Wilson's remark was bipartisan.

Sen. John McCain, among many others, said the outburst was "totally disrespectful" and demanded that Rep. Wilson apologize to the president, which he did.


Okay, pull the race card out.


This goes to show how much disrespect some members of congress and others have for president Obama! I will never remove a possibility of a deeply infested racism in such situations...


Thank you Joe Wilson for saying what I would like to tell the Obama. You are my hero.


Total lack of class and just plain bad behavior. It's also *specifically* against the Rules of the House of Representatives, to call the President a liar or accuse him of lying. It's quite clearly spelled out in the rules that you CAN'T do that, since the days when Thomas Jefferson wrote the manual. Wilson should be censured formally by the House for his inexcusable behavior.


Joe Wilson should be given a metal for expressing what half the country wants to say! God Bless Joe!


I'm thinking Tourette's Syndrome. Either that or he's an idiot. Either way, at least he had the sense to apologize. But as punishment, I think he should be forced to attend the next address with his mouth duct taped shut, just to avoid a repeat.


South Carolina's state motto on its license plates reads (or at least used to) "Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places." They should change it to "First to Secede, Last to Read"


Joe Wilson's outburst is not surprising. We can disagree without being disagreeable. It just goes to show that loud-mouth rednecks in politics need a lesson in manners. Way to go South Carolina, you're batting 1000 (Mark Sanford).


I don't understand all this talk about a liberal media. Do you know what the highest-rated cable network is, by millions of viewers? Fox News.
John McCain called the Wilson outburst ""totally disrespectful."


It's about time someone grew a pair. Kudos to Wilson. I hope he runs for senator in South Carolina so I can vote for him. Next, someone like him should get after the main media in this country, the "4th Estate", who are the main reason that American voters remain in a dumbed down condition, (running a close second to our public schools). Go,Joe ! We're with you.

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