Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition!

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Following his instant-classic "You Lie!" outburst last night, U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson has sparked widespread discussion and even inspired a website in his (dis)honor.

The South Carolina Republican is the subject of a new site called Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition, a reference to the controversial health care issue.

It was President Barack Obama's health care speech that caused Wilson to heckle him last night, shouting at him and earning headlines and criticism.

With the tagline "You dissed America; we'll dis you right the f**k back," the new site takes funny shots at the Congressman with each click of the mouse.

Some of them are just amusing, sort of like reverse "Chuck Norris facts." Joe Wilson is totally "that guy" we all hate. For example, the site claims that:

  • Joe Wilson hit on your mom
  • Joe Wilson stole your newspaper
  • Joe Wilson yells 'Free Bird' at concerts
  • Joe Wilson didn't refill your Brita pitcher
  • Joe Wilson farted during your wedding vows
  • Joe Wilson talks on his Blackberry during your favorite movie
  • Joe Wilson swapped the dead batteries in his Walkman for the fresh ones in your TV remote

Yep. Joe Wilson is totally that guy.

Some of the Joe Wilson "facts" directly address the health care crisis and his rude outburst, however. A few examples of more serious criticism ...

  • Joe Wilson yells while adults are talking
  • Joe Wilson claims your sick child is faking
  • Joe Wilson thinks you are too stupid to actually read the bill
  • Joe Wilson canceled your insurance for buying off-brand insoles
  • Joe Wilson doesn't respect the constitution of the United States
  • Joe Wilson distracted you from one of the most important speeches by an American President in the last 20 years

What do you think? Was Joe Wilson right to speak his mind or out of line to heckle the Prez during his speech? Whose side are you on?


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joe wilson nailed two of strom thurmonds slaves.


Duey, It's spelled l-i-a-r.


Joe Wilson ran over your dog but never told you about it. Joe Wilson uses coupons at the check out counter. Joe Wilson stole your parking spot after you had been waiting for 10 minutes. Joe Wilson stares at a woman's boobs while talking to them. Joe Wilson scratches his balls in public. Joe Wilson doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. Joe Wilson is the one who makes the mess in restroom stalls. Joe Wilson feels generous when he tips 10%. Joe Wilson farts in the car but doesn't roll down the window. Joe Wilson is a telemarketer. Joe Wilson created pop up ads. Joe Wilson uses words like "uber" to sound cool.


Hey Luke Easter! stop making this about god damn racism and focus on the issues. The public is not going to get distracted with you playing the "race card"


Even the President should be held accountable for his comments...
He is NOT GOD! Joe did the right thing by speaking up, as he got all our attention. (though it wasn't respectful or tactful, sometimes those methods don't work) When our country is at stake, it is the duty of those sitting in Congress to speak their mind and not sit their like lame ducks.


Anyone supporting Joe Wilson's behavior must be just as ignorant as he is. Like the woman I heard calling into a radio talk show today. "Well, Ah'm cawlin' from Sath Cara-lahna, and Ah wawnt to tell yew that ever-won ohn mah Internet today ahgrees with Joe". And she kept repeating it over and over --- "ever-one on MAH Internet". It seems this benighted ignoramus with an IQ lower than her height in inches thinks she has her very own personal Internet, or is too stupid to understand the difference between the Internet and some idiot's discussion group she belongs to. And of course she went on and on about how "ever-won shud awl-wise respect the awfice of the President except for now". Republicans sure can be proud of the Frankenstein they've created by whipping up the Moron Minority.


Nancy Pellosi's expression was the best part. hahaha. this health care reform will happen so you all better start loving it.




Duey (what an elligant name i might add) the Senator was disrespectful weather or not you may agree with him eaither way that man is the President of our country and he not only deserves but he has also earned more respect than that. As far as your false statement that "hes a lier and everyone knows it", then why would we the people of the United States have voted him our commander and cheif? As far as guts go I belive guts in both the cold war era and now in this era have left our country in the largest economic depression in our history. So unless you are willing to throw out a few policy's of your own I would suggest you stop taking a page out of the Senators book, everyone has a right to their opinion but you make yourself look like an ass when you express them in that manner!


Coming from someone who spells as well as Duey and uses such great grammar as he does, it's really hard to argue with any of those points.
If only we could return to the days of George W. Bush and the guts he had to concoct a story about weapons of mass destruction. He wasn't a "lier" at all, everyone "know's" that!